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All 7 members of BTS on stage facing an unseen audience with "Century" written in green on a blue screen behind them.

The Greatest Moment is
Yet to Come

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In celebration of the FIFA World Cup 2022™, Hyundai and BTS are proud to unveil the 'Goal of the Century' campaign’s official song, ‘Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.)’. Read on to find out more about the new song, and listen to it for yourself.


Our entire FIFA World Cup 2022™ Goal of the Century campaign is centered around changing the world for future generations. This goal can’t be achieved by one individual alone, but can be achieved if we all join our forces and unite. Just like football players come together as a team to score goals, we aim to use the power of football to go forward together in pursuit of the greatest goal – a united world for sustainability.

To inspire more people to join us, BTS have joined the team as official members of Team Century. And, as our longtime collaborators, they are also raising their voices to share the message: ‘a united world for sustainability’.

Crowd members all standing and cheering inside a football stadium watching a big screen on the other side.

A song for ‘A united world
for sustainability’

What brings us all together during a sports event like the FIFA World Cup 2022™? Cheering on the players with enthusiastic chants during games, basking in camaraderie, commiserating the losses, and enjoying the triumphs.

Here at Hyundai, we wanted to focus on the music. After all, sport and music go hand in hand. Regardless of the outcome, the music that is played at the end of the game has the power to move people. It brings people together. And, because we believe in the power of music to unite not only the fans but the entire world, we have created a song to deliver our message with the help of BTS.

The front of a silver Hyundai IONIQ 6 driving along a coastline at sunset.
Two Spot robots standing side by side on a football pitch with Goal of the Century on a white screen behind them in the background.

“I know, together, we’ll make it better.”

It is our efforts today that makes a sustainable future possible. ‘Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.)’ echoes one of the main messages of our campaign that the best times are yet to come as we will all come together to achieve ‘the Greatest Goal’. Our commitment and hope for creating a better future are reflected in this song.

“Now the vision is clear,
the Goal of the Century is here”

In the ‘Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.)’ music video, BTS sings about our Goal of the Century from a rooftop deep in the heart of Seoul. The message is then carried into different moments of our daily lives and to every corner of the world. We see music bringing people together and becoming inspired by the Goal of the Century, which is helping us all to build a better future, transcending countries, races, and generations. In the stadium, our message rings loud and clear as their united voices sing in harmony. This is the power of song.

All 7 members of BTS singing and dancing on a rooftop in the middle of a city at dusk.

“And now we’re ready to fly,
the best yet to come”

Our varying mobility solutions are also doing their part and actively participating in creating a united world for sustainability: Spot , our dancing robot made with our subsidiary Boston Dynamics, is a member of Team Century, and our AAM(Advanced Air Mobility) are flying in the skies above cities, and while citizens are exploring spaces within the Metaverse thanks to our Metamobility solutions. Meanwhile, our
IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6 are leading the way towards a future we’ve always dreamed of, and are carrying our hopes for scoring the Goal of the Century.

All 7 members of BTS standing on a rooftop at dusk with their backs to the camera. They are all wearing their Goal of the Century jerseys with the number 7 and BTS written on the back.

The Greatest moment is Yet To Come

The power of a song, just like the energy generated by cheering, is amplified as more people gets involved. The greatest moments happen when we join forces and come together. We hope our message of unity in the campaign song comes across to all the football fans around the world, as we all eagerly wait for the FIFA World Cup™.

To allow everyone join in the fun, we’re launching a TikTok challenge on October 1st, 2022 – which is 50 days before the opening of the FIFA World Cup 2022™. The TikTok challenge features BTS’ “arms around the shoulders dance”, which represents the Goal of the Century. Come join us, BTS, and the rest of Team Century as we await the FIFA World Cup 2022™ together with the #TeamCentury12 TikTok challenge.

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