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Classrooms in the Wild

Classrooms in the Wild


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Road trips can be mind-opening, liberating, and gratifying as it gives you a chance to visit a new destination, experience everything there is to offer and sometimes, learn something new. But what is even more inspiring, is embarking on a road trip that leaves the tiniest possible imprint, or better yet no imprint on our environment. We sent this couple on a journey out of LA and into the open desert in our eco-friendly, KONA Electric. During their sustainable road trip, our couple found a sense of relief, connectedness and discovered a bit more about themselves. They also learned a few sustainable travel tips along the way.

Education on a Sustainable Coexistence

An adventure out of LA and into the great California landscape. To fully appreciate the concepts of community and sustainability, we leave the comfort and routines of city life. Nature becomes our teacher. It is here we learn the lessons that allow us to grow as citizens of the planet, to achieve Progress for Humanity.

See: Joshua Tree Park

Joshua tree park

The Joshua Tree grows where two ecosystems — the Mojave and Colorado — meet. Its branches bend in every direction, guiding travelers to look north, south, east, west. It only grows in just the right conditions — where desert rains fall, a winter chill freezes, a specific moth pollinates. It has needs that are few, yet specific, and when these needs are met, it provides for those who dwell on the land. This beautiful park teaches a lesson in the simplicity, but also specificity, of life.


With hikes that provide respite and scenery like that around Barker Dam or illusions and excitement like Skull Rock, Joshua Tree Park is a place to let imagination soar. Many describe the landscape of Joshua Tree Park as otherworldly, but we feel that it is a shining example of what makes our world beautiful.

Wild breathe

After taking a deep breath of fresh air in Joshua Tree Park, we were quickly reminded of the importance of being responsible for preserving our planet and how you can make a difference based on the choices you choose. By choosing a green, energy-efficient car like the KONA EV instead of a fuel-heavy gas guzzler, not only you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint, but are also choosing to help conserve nature. Thanks to Kona's unique CO2 emissions monitor that would remind us of the carbon emissions avoided, we could breathe with ease knowing that we were running on pure electric power.

Co2 monitor

EAT: Trio

Eat trio

Palm Springs is scorching, and many find themselves forgetting lunch in the heat. Trio reminds us to enjoy the refueling that a lunchtime meal provides.


The produce is fresh, the food is delicious and its vibes are light. Trio focuses on sustainable farming, with bold, natural flavors, showing off the best of what the soil provides, embodying the finest of farm-to-table dining.


STAY: Folly Cabin

STAY Folly Cabin

100 miles outside of LA, 400 square feet. The Folly cabins are simple, sustainable structures and not what one imagines to be built on land that expands endlessly outward. Why not build an estate - swimming pools and water slides? The answer is clear. The Folly cabins remind us about the most essential parts of life.

The tiny rooms feel expansive, as the windows provide portals to perfect light. The building materials are strong and solid. The kitchen is stocked with all the right tools — and a French press ready to brew the perfect pot of coffee. And yes, there's even a TV — solar-powered, of course.

The tiny rooms
1954 to 2017

But the desert is the star of this show. The sublime landscape, the Milky Way's nightly dance, the calls of the local jays. And the energy produced here is as clean as the architecture.

Folly cabin root

The architects at Cohesion Studios designed the Folly cabins with a paradox in mind: creating an off-grid vacation with joy-inducing, modern experiences. They used innovative technology, yet constructed a habitat grounded in the desert land. Salvaged steel, creative solar-panel placement and a stargazing bedroom bring the landscape inside, all while creating a peaceful space for guests. The KONA EV mirrors these sentiments. It brings a comfortable, powerful ride, with high efficiency and fully-clean energy.

The Hyundai KONA EV is here.
Free yourselves from emissions,
and enjoy the ride.

Sustainable Tip #1: Consider Your Driving Habits

Did you know that driving aggressively over the speed limit and accelerating and braking quickly can impact your fuel efficiency? Studies have shown by continuing such habits you could be flushing money down your fuel tank as the mileage from your gas tank is lowered by approximately 15-30% at highway speeds. Instead, go slow and enjoy the journey!

Sustainable Tip #2: Plan Ahead

Take some time to plan your journey. By planning the shortest route, you can save valuable resources, time and gas! That way you can help the earth by making environmentally-conscious decisions, minimizing your carbon emissions, and spending more time exploring at your destination.

Sustainable Tip #3: Shop and Eat Local

Instead of shopping and eating at franchise restaurants, why not try a smaller hole-in-the-wall restaurant or mom-and-pop shop? And instead of purchasing produce from a large grocery store, why not take a trip to the local farmers' market? By doing so, you can help support the local economy while creating memories along the way.


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