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Bird’s eye view from behind a group of football fans walking through a corridor leading to the pitch. Three female footballers with long hair wearing green Team Century shirts with a blue number 0 on the back and white shorts and football socks and shoes are leading the group by a few steps.

Enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2022™ with Hyundai’s Customer Engagement Program

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In April 2022, Hyundai began its “Goal of the Century ” World Cup Campaign in order to build a sustainable and united world – and in July 2022, Hyundai launched a variety of customer engagement programs.

The customer engagement programs gave chances to win various World Cup campaign souvenirs, along with the opportunity to visit Qatar during FIFA World Cup™. Through the special programs, people were able to enjoy the FIFA World Cup™ in a new and exciting way. Read on to find out more about the various programs Hyundai launched.

1) Global Test Drive

To celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2022™, Hyundai held a global test drive program since July through to September 2022 in different locations worldwide. The global test drive program is Hyundai‘s representative FIFA World Cup™ customer engagement program that has been held every FIFA World Cup™ season to celebrate the World Cup.

During FIFA World Cup 2018™, many people from all over the world participated in the event. This year, Hyundai held a global test drive centered on eco-friendly vehicles to deliver our “Goal of the Century” message.

The test drive was held in a total of 41 countries, and by participating in the global test drive and subscribing to the Team Century Supporters newsletter, winners were selected through a raffle and a place in the hospitality program in Qatar was given during the FIFA World Cup™.

Three-quarter view of a silver Hyundai IONIQ 5 with “Hyundai” and “FIFA World Cup 2022” stickers on the front door and a “Goal of the Century” sticker on the rear door next to which Steven Gerrard is leaning against the car wearing a blue and green Goal of the Century shirt.

2) Hyundai’s Goal of the Century Pledge

The next program to introduce is “Hyundai Goal of the Century Pledge”. This program was held from 29th July 2022, to the closing of the FIFA World Cup 2022™ through the FIFA+ official website ( ) and mobile app.

“Hyundai’s Goal of the Century Pledge” was a program to encourage football fans to engage in eco-friendly activities. Participants had to present an eco-friendly pledge if the country they supported scored during the FIFA World Cup 2022™.

Then, Hyundai and FIFA randomly selected 11 winners from all the participants via a raffle at the end of September 2022.

Winners were able to watch one World Cup match in Qatar (with one guest of their own). Hyundai also randomly selected some participants through a raffle and gave away some exclusive FIFA World Cup™ items such as a signed jersey from Team Century Captain Steven Gerrard.

Team Century members also participated in “Hyundai’s Goal of the Century Pledge”, and they introduced their pledges too. Please refer to the FIFA+ official channel for more information.

3) Team Century Supporters

Here at Hyundai, we think of the FIFA World Cup™ as a festival for united solidarity beyond a simple football competition. So, we will continue our efforts to change our future by sponsoring ‘Common Goal’ which is a football charity and NGO.

Fans who agreed with Hyundai's commitment to a sustainable future joined our journey by becoming Team Century Supporters, subscribing the newsletter that contained the latest news about Hyundai's World Cup™ campaign and the latest news from Team Century.

4) Our Journey Continues

Along with the customer engagement program, Hyundai continued their journey to the FIFA World Cup 2022™. Following the introduction of our first 7 Team Century members such as Captain Steven Gerrard and BTS , Jisung Park, former Manchester United footballer and Korean national football legend, and Ali Al Habsi, former Oman national football team goalkeeper, also joined as the latest Team Century members. Jisung Park and Ali Al Habsi respectively led the Korea World Cup™ campaign and Africa/Middle East World Cup™ Campaign.

Frontal torso view of new Team Century member Ali Al-Habsi smiling straight into the camera with his arms folded wearing a green Team Century shirt with the blue Hyundai logo and Goal of the Century emblazoned across the front.
New Team Century member Jisung Park holding up a green Team Century shirt with the #13 and Team Century emblazoned in blue across the back.

Want to follow Team Century members and find out what we’re doing to score Goal of the Century(GOTC)? Follow Hyundai (@hyundai ) on Instagram to see them in action.


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