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Hyundai Brand Collection. For Quality Time in Everyday Life

Hyundai Brand Collection. Sustainable Comforts for Everyday Life.

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With a new brand collection, Hyundai is extending their "Progress for Humanity" vision to everyone – even those who don’t drive.

Driving Up Joy

Products in the collection range from an electric push car to a portable pet house and a fun Padminton game for the family to enjoy. Adults, children and pets can now benefit from sustainably made items that are designed to bring enjoyment and convenience to a range of activities – from holidaying with the family to doing the weekly food shop.

Find out the products from three different categories of Mobility (Kids), Lifestyle (Picnic), and Family (Pet) from our new Hyundai Collection.

Driving Up Joy

The designers behind the collection completed extensive research, gathering insights to ensure the collection drives up joy and improves the everyday life of those who use it. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the collection’s highlights.

Woman and dog

NEXO for Kids

Two NEXO cars for kids are the first items in the collection to be introduced: a Kids NEXO and a NEXO push car. Designed to inspire the next generation of drivers with a fun and eco-friendly first driving experience, they reflect the unique characteristics of Hyundai in the brand collection.

In the future, most people will drive
eco-friendly cars. So why not let
children, the drivers of the future,
experience them in advance?

NEXO for Kids
Seat and seat belt
NEXO for kids Exterior

Modeled after the Hyundai NEXO, the push car is made to make malls, department stores, and supermarkets an engaging and enjoyable experience for children, and it includes air-purifying filters to improve the environment.

The Kids NEXO offers children the driving experience of a real NEXO. The interior is a close replica of the real thing, with vegan leather seats, exact stitched detailing, and rear sensors that trigger a sound when the car encounters obstructions.

NEXO for kids sketch

The Kids’ NEXO Electric Vehicle is made to be their first car, and it is sure to offer new experiences and lasting memories.

kid and NEXO mini

Live, Play, and Dine Al-Fresco

picnic line

There are a lot of enthusiastic campers, which is great, but we want even more people to be able to enjoy picnics and the outdoors – even those who don’t have a car

Whether you enjoy camping holidays, picnics with friends on a sunny afternoon, or getting away from it all to explore the great outdoors, the Hyundai Collection includes several items to enrich the experience including a trip cart, a picnic mat, a warm/cold food bag and a fun Padminton game.

Picnic kit

They were made in collaboration with TRIP WEAR brand RawRow, whose travel-seeking values and insights gained from the development of their ‘R Trunk Carrier’ helped bring the products to life. Additionally, eco-friendly materials were used as much as possible in production to demonstrate Hyundai’s sustainable lifestyle vision.

The leather used in the trip cart’s handle is recovered from discarded car seats, and the trip cart table and picnic mat are made from MIPAN REGEN – a durable, waterproof fabric that is made from recycled PET bottles and other plastic.

R trunk carrier
R trunk carrier and food

Where the picnic mat and food bag help create a comfortable picnic, the Padminton set creates opportunities for fun, good-natured competition indoors or outdoors and even in small spaces.

Mobility Solutions for
Four-Legged Friends

pet line

For pets, we wanted to make mobility products that have recognizable Hyundai characteristics

The pet collection, which includes a portable pet house, pet meal box, pet walking bag and a pet safety light, has been developed to make our four-legged friends feel at home even when they accompany us on the road. Specifically designed to attach to a vehicle seat, the pet house has an ISOFIX component that has been tested for the correct angles, depth, and curve to fit securely and provide your pet with a stable, soft and comfortable in-car experience.

Portable pet house and dog
Portable pet house
Pet collection

To continue the sustainable spirit of the Hyundai Brand Collection, the items in the pet collection are made from eco-friendly materials including Tyvek, a tough fabric that causes no environmental harm when it is disposed of, and a fabric made from waste plastic.

Pet collection women and dog

Each item in the Hyundai Brand Collection offers a unique opportunity for Hyundai to drive up joy in daily life, whether we’re staying close to home or enjoying a trip with our family and pets.


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