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Hyundai Metamobility universe: Hyundai releases new NFTs that open up a world of new mobility

Hyundai Metamobility
Hyundai releases new
NFTs that open up a
world of new mobility

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Welcome to a new world where the boundaries of time and space have expanded. Read on to find out more about the world that Hyundai has created with its first official Metamobility NFT – MobED and its supportive community.

The key to the world of Metamobility

Hyundai’s world of Metamobility represents the possibility of infinite freedom of mobility. We continue to blaze trails to challenge and make this possibility a reality by surprising the world with new innovations. One such innovation is our unique “Metamobility NFT”.

With the launch of this NFT, we are focusing on the infinite potential of NFTs that will connect people to digital lives in the metaverse, expand space, and offer new experiences. By issuing a Metamobility NFT under the Hyundai brand’s vision of ‘mobility’, new mobility experiences are being explored that will take place within the newly created digital ecosystem of Web 3.0, with NFTs as a means to connect the digital and offline.

Although NFTs are essentially digital assets with ownership, the culture and communication platforms that are being created around NFTs are generating much more value than that of simple assets. People with the same interests convene around NFTs, share, and show off their NFT ownership, and communicate online and offline in real time to create an organic flow within the NFT scene. Naturally, the level of the community’s overall activity has become a parameter for evaluating the success of an NFT project.

Meta Kongz gazing the moon up in space

A Metamobility universe created with the community

The community, along with the NFT project partners, is the main driving force behind the creation and progress of the roadmap. An engaged and active community dedicated to constantly communicating and increasing the value of owners’ NFTs, and their shared vision, is absolutely essential in establishing “Metamobility” as a concept.

There have always been many fans who have supported and believed in Hyundai’s ventures into the new. This project of creating a Metamobility universe with the new Metamobility NFTs started amidst the encouragement of global fans who understood the direction we were going in. Hyundai has consistently emphasized that our NFT is ‘community driven’ from the earliest days of entering the NFT market and we have acted on this conviction.

On April 15th, 2022, the official Discord and Twitter for our Hyundai NFT went live and pulled in early adopters worldwide who were interested in Metamobility NFT and eager to participate. Over 100,000 members joined within a week after the Discord launch, and now there are over 140,000 Discord members and 87,000 Twitter followers. The avid interest in the Hyundai NFT and solidarity within the community can be seen in the many uploads of various fan art, memes, and real time discussions. We are in constant communication with the community as members are creating the Metamobility universe roadmap together.

Introducing MobED, the first Metamobility NFT

Before the official NFT minting, we also issued 30 special Hyundai x Meta Kongz NFTs to commemorate our venture into the NFT market. These went on pre-sale on April 20th, 2022 for the NFT scene partners who actively engaged in initial promotions – and the special NFTs sold out in no time. The holders of these special NFTs were also offered Hyundai’s first Metamobility NFT free of charge.

Hyundai's first Metamobility NFT : Shooting stars NFT

On May 9th, 2022 we began officially minting the new NFTs, and in so doing we ushered in a whole new world with expanded boundaries of time and space; the Metamobility universe. The main characters of this project are none other than the shooting stars discovered by Hyundai’s Pony and Meta Kongz as they flew to the moon in the video presented in the previous month. Among the 10,000 shooting star NFTs issued, the purchase rights for 3,000 were granted to whitelist members, and 6,500 were selected among members who applied. There was an explosive response from the community as more than 950,000 applied to be included in the 3,000 whitelist member list for the shooting star NFTs.

Collection Image of four MobED (Mobile Eccentric Droid)NFTs which turned to Hyundai’s first Metamobility NFT collection

The 10,000 shooting stars aren’t just ordinary meteorites but are special entities that are full of limitless energy, powered with the potential to transform into a new type of Metamobility that adapts to the locations they want to explore.

On May 30th, 2022, these shooting stars transformed into “MobED (Mobile Eccentric Droid)”, Hyundai’s first Metamobility NFT. MobED is a new concept mobile platform integrated with Hyundai Motor Company’s cutting-edge robotics technology; driving smoothly on uneven terrain, maintaining perfect balance while deftly overcoming obstacles, capable of evolving into various forms based on the purpose of movement. MobED connects with the Metamobility universe through unique driving technology that defies the limits of mobility, becoming the first main character of Metamobility NFT.

This is just the beginning
for Hyundai
Metamobility universe

Our MobED NFTs is opening the first chapter in our Metamobility universe. Starting with these MobEDs, various Metamobility NFTs will be issued thereafter to offer new experiences and benefits to current holders.

We are also planning to bring the Metamobility universe to life with a long-term roadmap and will continue to create new mobility experiences in this universe for holders to connect online to offline. Various events and roadmap will be available an official web page.

You can look forward to exploring the Metamobility universe as it unfolds thanks to our Metamobility NFT holders and enthusiastic supporters.

Want to keep up to date about our NFTs and the development of our Metamobilty world? Stay tuned. Follow Hyundai(@hyundai) on Instagram to see them all in action.

Hyundai's Pony soars into space towards the moon


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