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Hyundai x Redbull Can You Make it?

Hyundai x Red Bull
Can You Make It? 2020

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Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?
Hyundai and Red Bull Can You Make It? invites you and
your two best friends to go on an adventure across Europe.
But this is not your everyday backpacking trip.

Your mission:
travel across Europe in 7 days with
Red Bull as your only currency.

The event begins September 29, 2020

The Red Bull Can You Make It? challenges multiple teams of 3 university students from various countries around the world to partake in the event. The teams will have 7-days to embark on a journey across Europe and are only allowed to use Red Bull as currency.
Teams will share their experiences along the way via daily clips, and a point system will be based on three factors: Checkpoint Challenges, Social Engagement and completing tasks on an Adventure List.
Teams will win prizes on their route by competing in various challenges and soliciting support through social media.

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Hyundai x Red Bull
Can You Make It?

This year, Hyundai is joining Red Bull Can You Make It? as the mobility partner - providing exciting challenges, prizes, and more along the way! These include:

Checkpoint Challenges

Experience epic moments in three checkpoints, Germany, Czech and Austria.
Win points for the ultimate prize to be given in Berlin.


Adventure List Challenges

These challenges will allow you to cover more ground and win even faster! They include the Hyundai Hitchhike, among others. Collect points with every challenge - and the first-place team will get a special prize from Hyundai.

Adventure List Challenges

There’s more!

During the 2018 Red Bull Can You Make It? challenge, 200 teams from 60+ different countries traded 20,658 cans of Red Bull and traveled 459,399 km across Europe. If you plan to cover a lot of ground, be sure to keep your eyes on the streets for one particular Hyundai car, the Hyundai Easter Egg! You never know what surprises you will find. And Hyundai will help you travel smart.

Remember: wheels are faster than feet!


Red Bull Can You Make It? 2020 has been postponed.

In light of the current concerns from health authorities, Red Bull Can You Make It?
planned for 21 - 28 April 2020 has been postponed until 13 - 21 April 2021.

The adventure of a lifetime!

Hyundai x Red Bull Can You Make It? 2020


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