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A banner image with Re:Style 2023 written in bright blue. Behind the writing is Jeremy Scott sitting on the right side wearing chunky lace-up black boots, gray cargo shorts and a colorful t-shirt covered in cartoon images.

Re:Style 2023:
Saving the planet in style

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If you could leave behind only one thing for your loved ones, what would it be? Hyundai started its Re:Style journey in 2019 to explore the answer to this question. Now in its 4th year, Re:Style is back with a new creative direction and a new designer on board – the one and only – Jeremy Scott. Read on to find out more about Re:Style 2023.

To leave a beautiful planet for our loved ones
in the future

Re:Style is concerned with caring for the planet of tomorrow. This starts by looking at and evaluating our everyday lives. It starts with us thinking about where our clothes come from and how they're made, reflecting on the impact our consumption has on the environment and the planet.

From airbags and seatbelts from old cars to recycled plastic bottles, sugar cane, grain, and oil – everything that would otherwise be thrown away is reborn. These fabrics and materials are reimagined as a designer’s new threads, accessories, pockets, or as objects that serve as a source of inspiration.

A blue image for the Re:Style 2023 campaign. The background is bright blue, the writing ‘Re:Style 2023’ is white and behind the writing there is a sketch of a dress that has been drawn and signed by Jeremy Scott in strong black lines.
Jeremy Scott standing alone in his studio holding a sketch in one hand and some threads in the other. He is wearing 2 necklaces made with brightly colored beads, a t-shirt covered in cartoon drawings and a long black t-shirt underneath. In front of him is a table covered in various parts of a car including a brake light and there is a mannequin behind him dressed in a black robe.

The Re:Style 2023 Campaign

In 2023, Jeremy Scott, Creative Director of Italian luxury fashion house Moschino, is joining Re:Style. He is presenting an entirely new perspective on sustainable fashion that breaks the stereotypes that currently exist about this kind of fashion.

I was really excited when Hyundai asked me to do this Re:Style project. I was very excited and inspired by all the R&D and the work Hyundai’s doing to create recycled fabrics from car parts. JEREMY SCOTT

Jeremy Scott is unveiling his haute couture collection at the Re:Style exhibition that will be held in Seongsu-dong. This collection reflects on the past Re:Style movements and enables us to continue expanding Re:Style from a fashion to a lifestyle platform.

A sketch of a fitted dress with a high collar and a fishtail skirt drawn and signed by Jeremy Scott.
Jeremy Scott holding up some brightly colored cables that have been braided and comparing these to a sketch on the wall of a women in a brightly colored dress with a woven texture.
A view of Jeremy Scott from above. He is holding a selection of seatbelts on one hand and stretching them out with the other. He is wearing a long-sleeved black s-shirt with sleeves that cover his hands. In front of him various car parts are laid out on the table.

I’ve never created clothes from car materials. So, it’s been a completely new and unique challenge. JEREMY SCOTT

Here at Hyundai, we’re committed to building a cleaner and more sustainable world. Therefore, the creative vibe behind the 2023 Re:Style campaign is not just a claim, but a movement that will inspire people around the world. Now in its fourth year, Re:Style 2023 aims to extend the meaning of this movement and inspire people to challenge existing stereotypes.

'Fashion rebel' Jeremy Scott has become a part of the project for this exact purpose. He aims to break down stereotypes starting with the idea that the fashion and the automotive industry can't work together. And he wants to encourage us all to move and express ourselves in our own ways.

The Re:Style 2023 Collection

A silver Hyundai logo on a black background.
The ‘R’ of the Re:Style logo in red. The letter looks like it has been made of various recycled pieces from a car.

For Re:Style 2023, Jeremy Scott is launching an haute couture collection, rather than a ready-to-wear collection. With this collection, he is showcasing the innovative ways in which fashion can break the stereotypes currently attributed to sustainable design. In doing so, he is showing off the things that are unique to Re:Style.

A selection of different colored seatbelts laid out on a surface.
A black plug with brightly colored cables coming out of it on a black background.

New materials made from recycled plastics, waste nets, and bio-based components derived from sugar cane and corn, as well as materials such as steering wheels, seat belts, and car keys, all reaffirm the uniqueness of Re:Style and are used in ways that only Jeremy Scott can deliver.

How Re:Style has changed since 2019

Along with showcasing the innovation of Re:Style through Jeremy Scott’s Collection, the exhibition also has an archival space with this year’s ambassador Lauren Wasser that will reflect on the history and development of Re:Style since 2019.

Lauren Wasser is an internationally renowned model who celebrates diversity by overcoming her limitations. Images from Lauren Wasser's photoshoot can be found all around the exhibition's archival space.

Re:Style ambassador Lauren Wasser wearing a black and white jumpsuit with large beige pockets and a seatbelt used as a belt, on a bright blue background.

Working with Hyundai has been a dream because they are wrapping fashion, technology and sustainability together. LAUREN WASSER

The Re:Style project started in 2019. The first movement of Re:Style was kick-started by eco-designer Maria Cornejo who created clothing using waste leather from car seats.

Re:Style ambassador Lauren Wasser wearing a long-sleeved black t-shirt with a hood, a chunky gold necklace, and a white floral corset-style top.

In 2020, Re:Style collaborated with six designers to explore the diversity of the fashion, and this resulted in a collection of clothing, accessories, and bags made from scrap cars.

Re:Style ambassador Lauren Wasser wearing a pale blue hood, a dark gray hoodie and black cargo-style pants. Lauren is a double amputee so she is also wearing gold prosthetic legs.

In 2021, Re:Style expanded the scope of fashion materials not only by utilizing materials from scrap cars but also by creating apparel using the same eco-friendly materials that are used in our IONIQ series.

Visitors to the exhibition can also pick up a brand book about the Re:Style journey and philosophy, and collaborations with eco-friendly artists. There is also Re:Style merchandise including keyrings, t-shirts, etc. all printed with the KONA EV pixel motif, placed throughout the exhibition to help visitors to connect with the cause.

Re:Style merchandise keyrings in the shape of people using old car plugs and cables printed with Re:Style and Hyundai logos.

Ultimately, we hope that this year’s Re:Style campaign will give us all the chance to think about how we can challenge our perspectives and make changes in our everyday lives today that will contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Here at Hyundai, we’re committed to bringing Progress for Humanity across all areas of our lives. Get on board and follow @hyundai on Instagram to stay tuned for Re:Style’s future activities.


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