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Hyundai Motor x UNDP 2022 present "for Tomorrow" documentary at a Premiere in New York

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“Every step leaves a footprint on tomorrow.” This vivid image is an important guideline in Hyundai and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)’s global sustainability initiative “for Tomorrow”, which is celebrating its second anniversary this year. Read on to find out more about our award-winning “for Tomorrow” documentary.

“for Tomorrow” celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

The “for Tomorrow” initiative was launched in 2020 to empower everyone to help accelerate the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN. To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of “for Tomorrow”, a documentary was made to chronicle the life- and world-changing solutions supported by this platform.

Since its launch, more than 77 incredible sustainability stories from 52 countries have been told. Five stories are shown in this captivating feature-length documentary about grassroots innovators. The film premiere was in New York, at the Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater, in close proximity to the 77th United Nations General Assembly.

The cover image from the for Tomorrow film. It consists of 3 different faces seemingly torn out of a magazine. On top is a woman with purple hair, the second face belongs to a black man and the final face belongs to a woman but only her chin and neck is seen.

Anyone can shape the future.

Showcasing the notion that “anyone can shape the future”, the film shines a light on the challenging journeys of five grassroots innovators. All five have had a profound impact on their communities and have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place.

Filmed by local crews in Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Azerbaijan, Peru, India, Korea, the United States, and Guinea during the pandemic, the film beautifully demonstrates how bottom-up innovation must be included to fight our most urgent sustainability challenges around the globe.

The “for Tomorrow” platform is the first partnership between Hyundai and UNDP. Thanks to the solutions presented, the platform has established itself as a grassroots solution platform.

Protagonist of the for Tomorrow documentary – Emmanuel Alie Mansaray – sitting on top of a pile of garbage working on something with his hands.
Three men wearing masks walking with a tuk tuk style vehicle.

5 entrepreneurs championing sustainability for all

1. The documentary shows how Tinh Thi Hong in Vietnam found a way to turn waste into cleaning products and, through her business, created job opportunities for locals.
2. It shows how self-taught engineer Emmanuel Alie Mansaray in Sierra Leone buil a 100% solar-powered car from scrap metal found in a landfill and how he met with owners of other solutions.
3. It captures how Jamila, who is not even a techonology expert, i s speaking out on a variety of projects, including developing a servie application that promotes accessibility on the metro.
4. The film also documents how the 10 de Agosto Ancocala Farming Association is preserving traditional farming and irrigation techniques using ancestral terraces in the Peruvian Andes.
5. Finally, it shows how Charu Monga designed photovoltaic bags in India so that children can safely walk home from school at night.

Five different people involved in a panel discussion on stage at the premiere of the for Tomorrow documentary.

Behind the scenes

Narrated by Star Wars actor Daisy Ridley, directed by An Tran, and produced by award-winning documentarian Elliot V. Kotek, the film’s New York premiere included opening speeches, panel discussions, and media Q&A. Since 16 September 2022, it is available on the ‘for Tomorrow’ YouTube channel and will also be available to stream on Amazon Prime in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, French Guinea, French Polynesia, French Southern Lands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, and St-Barthélemy with other markets coming soon.

A classroom full of children raising their hands.
Two people wearing cowboy hats inspecting some rocks in a mountainous setting.

Winning awards

Our “for Tomorrow” documentary has won the following awards: the Best Female Director at Montreal Independent Film Festival, the Best Documentary Feature and the Best Social Justice Film at the New York International Film Awards, the Best Documentary Feature Film, the Best Environmental Film, the Best Innovative Solution Film, and the Best Director Documentary Feature at the Cannes World Film Festival. It also won the Best Feature Film at Environmental Film & Screenplay Festival. These Awards, relatively new but rising, aim to celebrate international filmmakers and their creative works.

Our documentary has been screened in the following places so far:
· The Fixing the Future Festival in Barcelona, Spain, in September
· C2 Montreal Convention in Canada in September
· The Sustainable Living Film Festival in Türkiye
· The Los Angeles Asian Film Awards in the United States
· The WILDsound’s Environmental Film & Screenplay Festival in Toronto, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles

Learn more about the "for Tomorrow" documentary on or watch the film on the "for Tomorrow" YouTube channel . And check out @hyundai on Instagram to find out more about how we’re uniting the world for sustainability.


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