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H2U x Don Dahlmann
Hydrogen campaign

H2U x Don Dahlmann

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Future-mobility journalist Don Dahlmann joins the H2U team to explore how
hydrogen fuel-cell tech moves us forward.

Respected German journalist Don Dahlmann has written many stories about the future of mobility and smart cities. As one of Hyundai’s H2U ambassadors, Don is bringing the future to the present. He’s talking to key opinion leaders in eco-mobility and climate science to uncover how hydrogen fuel-cell technology is helping build a more sustainable model for society. It’s all part of Don’s H2U documentary series, “Pioneer Talks.”

Respected german journalist

In each episode, Don drives a Hyundai NEXO to make the connections between a fuel-cell car and an entire hydrogen FC ecosystem - the foundation for a Hydrogen Society. He uses his journalistic experience to dispel the myths and highlight the promise of a zero-emission technology that is already transforming nearly every aspect of transportation, from passenger cars and public transportation to trucks, ships and trains.


The science of future mobility and smart-city planning can take you down many roads. Hydrogen fuel cells just might be the technology that unites them. DON DAHLMANN

Don’s journey includes conversations with the people who are changing the landscape of a decarbonized transportation network. Among his Pioneer Talks are the voices of leadership in fuel-cell-powered heavy-duty trucks, Europe’s expanding hydrogen infrastructure, and the growing field of wind-to-energy-to-hydrogen.

Each interview brings Don closer to revealing the transformative potential of Hydrogen FC. How can hydrogen energy change the way we move and live? How does an FCEV car like the Hyundai NEXO fit into the electric mobility scene? What is the connection between Green Hydrogen and a Hydrogen Society, and is this the key to radically decarbonizing society at pace with the climate crisis? Don aims at finding the answers through his H2U Pioneer Talks.

Fuel cell powered

Don is joining forces with fellow H2U ambassador Nicole Scott to create a documentary film on hydrogen mobility and infrastructure. From September 2020 you can follow their path of discovery in individual episodes by visiting Hyundai’s H2U program.

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