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Photographer Konrad Langer, aka @Konaction, may be Berlin-based but his photos are internationally known. With an Instagram following of over 184K, Konrad has traveled the world in search of that perfect shot. But on his home streets of Berlin, Konrad is capturing something inspiring: things are changing and for the better.

Konrad Langer front

As someone with a keen eye for detail, Konrad has observed how local pollution and the broader challenge of climate change both impact the world around him and the places he documents. That’s why he worries that without a sustainable energy source, our planet will not be able to keep up with our growing cities. That is precisely why Konrad was proud to join Hyundai’s H2U advocacy program, an initiative to promote sustainable, hydrogen-powered societies.

front of building NEXO
NEXO side view

With his particular attention to the human experience of living in an urban environment, Konrad speaks to the ways hydrogen technology can benefit cities and communities worldwide. But Berlin gives him a unique perspective, as it’s growing and changing at a rapid pace - infrastructurally, architecturally and culturally.

NEXO front side view

As he tours the city in a NEXO, Hyundai’s hydrogen-powered vehicle and the only hydrogen SUV on the market, Konrad photographs some of today’s most visionary performers dancing against the vibrant backdrop of Berlin’s innovative architectural landscape. One particularly unique building that catches Konrad’s eye is a modern tree-house in the heart of Berlin. As he scouts for the perfect angle, he wonders how fuel cell technology might allow us to live energy-independent lives anywhere, even in the most unusual of places. But it’s up to us to create this toxic-free future.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city was full of abandoned buildings and empty places that have since been turned into parks and other useful community spaces. If we can rebuild the way our city uses space, then we can rebuild the way our city uses energy. New buildings are going up every day and we need to power them sustainably - starting now. KONRAD LANGER

Driving Nexo
Dance performer
Konrad Langer front

Konrad’s right. Rethinking the way we live is not impossible. It’s been done time and time again. This time, though, we aren’t rebuilding from the destruction of war; we’re rebuilding from the destruction of fossil fuels. And with hydrogen as a sustainable solution, Konrad can finally envision a new and exciting way to move, work, create and live.

front of building NEXO

Check out the H2U program from September 10th to learn more about Konrad Langer, other H2U leaders and the ways hydrogen can power technology and empower people.

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