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H2U x AlexiBexi
Hydrogen campaign

H2U x AlexiBexi

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Tech expert AlexiBexi joins the H2U advocacy program to answer the big question among his fans - “Hey, what about hydrogen?”

While fans of Alexander Böhm, Germany’s biggest tech influencer known as AlexiBexi, talk loud and clear about battery electric vehicles, they have yet to hear him express his personal opinion on hydrogen fuel cell cars. Their wait is over. As one of H2U’s ambassadors, AlexiBexi is putting hydrogen mobility to the test in his two-part “Explorer” series.

To test the power of hydrogen mobility, AlexiBexi drives throughout the day in the NEXO while exploring the advances made in the field of fuel-cell technology and the possibilities of a zero-emission vehicle. True to his tech roots, he looks at the innovations, the challenges, and the exciting promise brought by a hydrogen-powered car that represents not just a powertrain, but a new and sustainable way forward.


In the past I’ve talked a lot about battery-electric mobility. Well, now it’s time to explore fuel-cell electricity, which is a whole new perspective on emission-free innovation. Fuel-cell electricity can impact not just how we drive but also our quality of life. AlexiBexi(ALEXANDER BÖHM)

With many in his huge fanbase learning about hydrogen technology for the first time, AlexiBexi has a chance to boost awareness of the H2U campaign. As a vital source behind Hyundai's efforts to help build an entire hydrogen-powered ecosystem, the H2U campaign focuses on raising awareness of the many possibilities we can unlock with the use of fuel cells. A great example of this zero-emission mobility is the NEXO FCEV. As a leader and pioneer in the field of hydrogen fuel cell technology, Hyundai is also spearheading efforts to expand fuel cell use in public transportation, heavy-duty transport, and urban infrastructures. These are the essential elements to realize a Hydrogen Society that no longer relies on fossil fuels, and a core component of Hyundai’s vision: progress for humanity.


At a time when people around the globe are wondering what’s the next big thing in the field of sustainability, the quiet, clean, cool world of hydrogen tech presents an intriguing possibility. AlexiBexi puts the future of sustainable mobility to the test, driving the NEXO and exploring what it means to personally partake in a drive that goes beyond eco-friendly and into a new “eco-positive” realm.

Learn more about AlexiBexi and Hyundai’s commitment to progress for humanity by checking out the H2U program.


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