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H2U x Toni Dreher-Adenuga
Hydrogen campaign

H2U x Toni Dreher-Adenuga

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German model and sustainability enthusiast swaps the catwalk for the Hyundai NEXO.

Model and slam poet Toni Dreher-Adenuga uses her influence to speak out about matters close to her heart, such as the importance of sustainability within the fashion industry - and now, through her partnership with Hyundai, in the automotive industry too.

Model and slam

Toni proves passengers can take the lead

Toni has teamed up with Hyundai’s new H2U advocacy program to promote hydrogen technology as a sustainable solution to fossil fuel. She is a passenger for her journey but is always upfront about exploring what’s coming next. Toni and her friend cruise around Berlin in Hyundai’s hydrogen-fueled, zero-carbon NEXO, and Toni writes a poem about a journey so pure it leaves the air cleaner in its wake.

Toni in NEXO

Eco travel meets
second-hand shopping

As Toni flips through the racks in Arena Berlin, Kreuzberg talks about what makes clothing sustainable in the first place: the reuse of resources. She considers that this is also the thing that makes fuel-cell-powered cars sustainable. The sustainable fashion industry recycles fabric and cars like the NEXO recycle hydrogen from water - Toni has always been interested in finding these parallels and uncovering new ways to be more sustainable herself.

Front of NEXO

It’s recycling: we’re putting hydrogen in and while we drive
it turns back into water, then it drips from the exhaust and
turns into hydrogen again. TONI DREHER-ADENUGA

Strike a pose

Toni’s fashion-forward journey is full of surprises, and she gets some incredible shots with the NEXO in the most unlikely of places, from a sand quarry to a car park. She knows her home city of Berlin so well and is thrilled to find out there is always more to discover. She uses the car as her own portable studio, even managing to use the car’s rear lights for an artistic lighting/filter effect.

Strike a pose

Model behavior from a model citizen

As a model, Toni fully believes in the health benefits of some pure H2O. Getting at least eight glasses a day hydrates her body during a busy schedule and keeps her skin photo-ready. Water fuels her energy and enhances her beauty - it’s also the only emission from the NEXO.

Thanks to her trip with NEXO, Toni has learned more about innovation in the automotive industry, which has given her a fresh perspective on how positive change is possible in every sector. No matter who we are, or what we do, we all have the power to take action and take action for sustainability.

Model behavior from a model citizen

My work revolves around the here and now, but also looks towards what’s coming next. Hyundai and I share that vision of what a brighter future could be. TONI DREHER-ADENUGA

Model and slam

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Tune into H2U to see more of Toni’s favorite Berlin spots, learn about the far-reaching benefits of hydrogen technology and hear from more people who are speaking up now for a better tomorrow.


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