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  • Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery

    Public art project at the heart of Seoul
    with Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery: Media Art open to the people of Seoul

Media art now open to the public

“Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery”, a collaborative project between Sejong Center for the Performing Arts and Hyundai Motor, is a long-term project that aims at giving people the opportunities to enjoy art in daily lives. With this project in place, people no longer have to pay a visit to a fancy gallery; the Media Facade across the Gwanghwamun Square will let you enjoy the high quality art pieces of local and foreign artists.

Sejong Center for Performing Arts, a historic arts hub with a long history collaborates with latest media art

Sejong Center for Performing Arts, where Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery is is an architectural wonder that fully conveys the Korean identity. Between the larger auditorium and small hall, respectively representing the inner hall and guest room of the Korean traditional house Hanok, inner garden is located in between, creating Hanok’s unique, cozy atmosphere. Korean style tiles - ‘Kiwa’ ? are used to enrich its style that follows Korean tradition. However, pillars have been used instead of walls to follow an open pavilion model where the inside and outside of the buildings merge. This is a bold attempt by Um Duk-moon, Korea’s 1st generation architect.
Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery, now open to public, will project the combination of the “openness” of both Sejong Center for Performing Arts’ architecture and modern art. It will work as a channel for open interaction with the public, by locating the art contents out on the street, rather than keeping them inside closed galleries

Season 1: brilliant city

The theme of the first season of Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery is “brilliant City”. It captures the urban landscape and the people inside it from a new perspective, inspiring the audience to look back to their brilliant moments of the past. Come and see the new artistic interpretations of the city that we live in.

Season 2: brilliant light

Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery's second theme is brilliant light. City night begins with light. We want to give the audience special presents, such as memorable moments, warm consolation, and dreams by adding the light of hope to their ordinary daily lives. The various works that artists will show will capture our hearts and eyes, which will make our daily lives shine brighter and more beautifully.

Season 3 : brilliant dream

The third theme of <Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery> is “brilliant dream”. The audience will experience special moments, so their forgotten dreams would shine once more just as a city’s brilliant light breaks the darkness of the city. Visit Sejong Hyndai Motorgallery and hear the stories of various authors with infinite imagination for dreams.

Sejong Center for Performing Arts, the hub of Korean cultural arts

Sejong Center for Performing Arts was designed by Um Duk-moon, the 1st generation Korean architect, in 1978. The center, which reinterprets the identity and aesthetics of Korean architecture and identity, has been the cradle for Korean performing arts and a channel to introduce international performing arts. With the opening of Gwanghwamun Square in 2008, Sejong Center has become more accessible to the public, becoming the heart of various cultural events held in Gwanghwamun Square. The revitalized center has been energetically promoting various cultural and arts contents.

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