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brilliant 30 leads you to inspirations

<brilliant 30> is an art film project that examines the value of life and art through the eyes of artists and opinion leaders in the creative industry. The artistic significance behind this project lies beyond documenting the various stages of the artwork and its artist. <brilliant 30> records the artist’s voice, gesture, facial expression, throughout the entire fabrication process. Ranging from emerging artists to those with more established reputation, <brilliant 30> relay meaning and source of inspiration behind the conception of their works.
By introducing the process of making an experimental, cutting-edge contemporary piece to the public, the artist leaves room for interpretation and engages in a dialog with its viewers. <brilliant 30> shifts away from the conventional, essay-driven understanding of an artwork and moves a step closer to the viewers as being active producers of meaning. <brilliant 30> seeks to sustain artistic value and philosophy behind an artwork while narrowing the gap between contemporary art and the public.

<brilliant 30>’s first season started with 30 Korean artists participating in the exhibition <TOMORROW 2014> which took place at DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza). With the aim to promote international exchange, this year, insights of three French artists together with three Korean artists will be shared in accordance with the celebration of 130 years of diplomatic relations between France and Korea.
These short but innovative voices from young and passionate artists encompass new beginnings, inspirational elements, and brilliant moments worth sharing.

brilliant 30 - Season 2 A new start with stories on 3 Korean and 3 French artists

brilliant 30 – Kira Kim

Kira Kim’s collective works explore ‘human’ and question “what should be seen and how should something be perceived” from an artist’s point of view.

brilliant 30 – Hyunjin Bek

Hyunjin Bek’s works transcends the borders between painting, sound and installation. His works are intuitive and constantly seek ways to change and alter.

brilliant 30 – Lee Wan

Lee Wan aims to share thoughts on the life of people and the community by exploring underlying structures and principles that activate our society.

brilliant 30 – Noémie Goudal

Noémie Goudal’s works express surreal images that lie on the borders of reality and virtual reality.

brilliant 30 – Olivier Sévère

Olivier Sévère translates an unique approach to explore the features and origins of the material of various objects.

brilliant 30 – Éléonore Saintagnan

Éléonore Saintagnan’s film works tell stories of animals with the aim to explore the relationship between animal and human.

brilliant 30 - Season 1
30 Stories about passionate, experimental young artists

brilliant 30 #30 Seoungwon Won

Seoungwon Won’s work depicts a real world; its image is derived from 500-600 photographs taken by the artist.

brilliant 30 #29 Chulan Kwak

Chulan Kwak asserts that crafts are theoretically the result of ‘a blend of concept and tangible materials.’

brilliant 30 #28 Sunghong Min

Sunghong Min's works gravitate from mutual relations; these are based on his personal attention to the experiences and changing circumstances of individuals or, more simply, documentation of the people who surround him.

brilliant 30 #27 Sekyun Ju

As a major part of Ju Sekyun's body of work, the Tracing Drawing series explores the artist’s present self through encounters with familiar traditions that he wishes to pass on, expressed through porcelain.

brilliant 30 #26 Kanghoon Kang

Artist Kanghoon Kang employs real photorealism as a means to depict relationships. Beyond realistic paintings which merely emulate hyper-realistic portraits, Kang’s work brings to light the hidden personas of individual subjects.

brilliant 30 #25 Soonyoung Park

Curator Soonyoung Park majored in painting, gaining related expertise in aesthetics and theory. Park is also equipped with hands-on experience of various aspects of the art sector.

brilliant 30 #24 Sukho Kang

Sukho Kang takes an interest in even the most miniscule of creatures as subject matter for his work. The artist asserts that we are surrounded by living creatures. However, rather than embracing them with empathy, human arrogance has destroyed our environment and thrown the order of nature into confusion.

brilliant 30 #23 Sankeum Koh

The visual and literal references in Sankeum Koh’s works are not necessarily made explicit. Koh employs the canvas as a surface for her work - as she would in a painting – then arranges pearl beads and composes a piece in black and white tones from natural light and shadow.

brilliant 30 #22 Chaewook Lim

Artist Chaewook Lim has walked a path quite unlike most other artists who graduate from art college and begin their creative work. During his undergraduate studies, Lim entered and won an open competition where he was awarded a Ministerial Prize. He has also been a venture entrepreneur for more than a dozen years.

brilliant 30 #21 Yongchul Kim

In his paintings, artist Yongchul Kim portrays his subjective experience of Jeombongsan Mountain in Gangwon-do Province, Korea. He discovers the law of survival among living organisms and posits these laws as the source of the ideals and existential experience of human beings.

brilliant 30 #20 Byungjic Min

Curator Byungjic Min asserts that exhibitions have transformed along with the changing times. For Min, exhibitions in the past focused on enlightening and educating the public. However, today’s curatorial practices rethink the very essence of exhibiting, with opportunities to develop flexible tools for disseminating content through multiple channels, opening it up to diverse audiences and interpretations.

brilliant 30 #19 Yongkwan Kim

Art is a mirror which reflects, in part, the inner world of the artist. The foundation of Yongkwan Kim’s work is his artistic worldview, formed by personal intuition and logic. However, Kim does not deliver his views in a forthright manner; understanding the artist’s work calls for the use of one’s imagination

brilliant 30 #18 Kyoungtack Hong

Artist Kyoungtack Hong employs the universal imagery of modern capitalist society in his work. From cult figures to present-day celebrities; from books as stores of knowledge and pens as tools to write the mind; from the Virgin Mary to Barbie dolls; from classical music to African-American funk.

brilliant 30 #17 Kwangho Lee

Artist Kwangho Lee traverses the boundaries of practical furniture design by associating new utility with every day, ordinary materials. Lee’s work is about optimizing an object’s properties by modifying the original usage of common materials such as Styrofoam, electric wires and PVC pipes.

brilliant 30 #16 Yongseok Oh

Yongseok Oh’s ‘Without Ending’ re-creates a continuum of uninterrupted horizontal lines from its original 1:1 square format. Ironically, this placid landscape signifies the destruction of cinematic intentions and narrative and a critique of subjectivity. The artist calls out perceptual subjectivity within contemporary media, and exposes it for criticism through reciprocal interactions between existing movie scenes and video footage.

brilliant 30 #15 Kajin Lee

Kajin Lee’s glazed celadon (a traditional cerulean colored ceramic vessel from Korea) is a modern interpretation of Korean traditional pottery. Lee’s celadon reflects her principle that ‘The success of clay vessels lies in honest craftsmanship.’ The artist’s ‘Waterdrop’ series emphasizes the preservation of national heritage as embodied in the working properties of a clay and glaze, extending the legacy of ceramic tradition into the 21st Century.

brilliant 30 #14 Jongjun Son

Art reflects on society; Jongjun Son’s work embodies this statement. The “Defensive Measure” series is a reflection on socially disadvantaged people. This series speaks of the desire for digital technology which has cultivated a nation dependent on high-tech devices and networks. Son emphasizes the causes and effects of a cultural lag arising from this phenomenon – the increase of materialism and consumption, and the loss of humanity.

brilliant 30 #13 Dongi Lee

The subjects present in Lee's bodies of works make their appeal with a vague familiarity. The ambivalent identities of Lee’s characters minimize the subjectivity of the artist, leaving room for an open interpretation for the viewer. Thus, Lee’s works are not defined and concluded by the artist; rather, their continuing life - as Bernhard Serexhe (Chief Curator at the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe) put it, the “viewer’s active response and emotional engagement.”

brilliant 30 #12 Jihye Park

The butterfly effect speaks of the sensitivity caused by individual choices, which in turn can affect the course of a larger system. Jihye Park’s work based on personal experiences that generate powerful results in this vein.

brilliant 30 #11 Seahyun Lee

Seahyun Lee’s paintings draw together aspects of contemporary society in the form of “social landscapes.” The artist narrates the causes and effects of this “Complex” by covering his canvases in red. Lee’s massive works, depicting nature and villages, elicit recollections of familiar sceneries

brilliant 30 #10 Chiyung Chung

Chiyung Chung uses photographs as the primary visual referents for his paintings. Chung’s technique is distinguished from what we generally understand as 'photorealism.'

brilliant 30 #9 Suyeon Kim

Suyeon Kim’s work deliberately breaks down and then reconstructs visual objects. Washed-out shades in Kim’s work indicate the passage of time and fading memory, and manifest fragments of mortality.

brilliant 30 #8 Tendance Floue

Tendance Floue is a collective of French photographers whose principles are based around independence and freedom. This experimental art group uses its own unique and innovative approach to capture the contemporary world through photography. The group also works with various non-photographic media - including books and performances - to realize their work.

brilliant 30 #7: Jonggeon Lee

Jonggeon Lee received his MFA in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA from Seoul National University. Lee’s experience of growing up in the different cultural spaces of Korea and the United States is the foundation of his work, which looks at the de-contextualization of cultural values. Lee has explored historical architecture and monuments displaced from their original site or context, with a particular interest in the unique nature of culture that is lost in the process of dislocation.

brilliant 30 #6 Haejung Jung

Haejung Jung works in diverse media including video, photography, books, drawing, sculpture and installation. Pinpointing just one medium for the sake of introduction is not possible. Nonetheless, if one were to be chosen, it would be travel.

brilliant 30 #5 Byoungho Kim

Byoungho Kim received his BFA in printing from Hongik University and MFA in image engineering from the Joongang University of Advanced Image Science Multimedia and Film. His works are based on a system of norms and modules that are derived from rationality rather than sensibility. The various pieces he has presented so far show compartmental units and systems of objects and non-objects.

brilliant 30 #4 Osang Gwon

Osang Gwon's works may be called "photo-sculpture", hovering somewhere between the two mediums. Gwon's work to date can be treated as a progressive series, illustrating his goals as an artist.

brilliant 30 #3 Yunhee Lee

Lee Yunhee’s artistic practice is focused on three-dimensional ceramic work. In addition, Lee has produced installation work based on handicraft methods, and works also in design. She habitually creates a narrative based on an existing work of literature.

brilliant 30 #2 Seungho Yoo

Graduated from Department of Painting at Hansung University, Yoo Seungho has shown works that exhibit the relationship between language and images in a new way through the form of ‘Munjasansu (calligran landscape painting)’.

brilliant 30 #1 Yoonkyung Park

Yoonkyung Park, who graduated from the Department of Painting and the Graduate School at Hongik University, set aside her role as a promising artist, wife and mother of two children and flew to England to pursue further study.

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