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<Running Man>

This piece artistically demonstrates the repeated process of resource cycle. The “Running Man”, the main character of this piece whose name is identical to the art piece title, is a character that creates brand new value based on vitality. The molten iron, which is the result of various raw materials including ironstone, becomes an iron plate that can be used to make various steel products.

Such a product, then, shapes itself into an object of modern design. With this being dismantled again, “Running Man” representing how Hyundai Motor’ products are created along this endless cycle.

Universal Everything & Matt Pyke

Universal Everything is an U.K. -based digital art studio established by media artist Matt Pyke. The studio is oriented towards unique visual arts that leverage personified objects, which imply life. They govern various genres from mobile apps, media art and installation arts.

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Season 3. Brilliant Interactive Art (2014)

Meet Artist Mr. Brilliant’s painting art, which made New York Times Square Billboards more special! You are the hero of the Times Square, with Mr. Brilliant.

Season 2. Brilliant Image Show (2013)

Thanks to the special billboards where they themselves became the main hero, people passing by New York Times Square stopped for a while to enjoy the happy moments.

Season 1. Brilliant Hyundai Race (2012)

New Yorkers and tourists enjoyed a special game with their smart phones in front of Times Square Billboards that became the racing track for Veloster HD. The top 10 racers had the honor of having their names listed on the Times Square Billboards where over 1.5 million people pass by.

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