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Genesis emblem in the dark

2016 Detroit International Motorshow

Jan. 11 ~ Jan. 24, 2016, Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan

2016 Detroit International Motor Show

Meet the present and the future of Hyundai Motor at 2016 NAIAS from 11th till 24th January, 2016. Human-centered luxury brand, GENESIS and its first model G90 is revealed for the first time in North America.
The 16,500 sq ft Hyundai Motor booth of McComb Hall is filled with 16 models including Sonata Plug-in Hybrid with award-winning powertrain (Ward’s 10 Best Engine), 2017 all-new Elantra and many more.

2016 NAIAS Highlights

Front view of driving G90

#1 GENESIS and G90

It’s not just a new car. It’s a new beginning.
GENESIS brand and its new flagship, G90 celebrate the very first reveal in North America. Meet the cutting-edge technology, ultimate refinement and luxurious convenience that set the Genesis brand flagship apart. G90, the premium luxury sedan exudes confidence and differentiation through ‘Athletic Elegance’ with refined and dynamic performance.
Left side-front view of white sonata plug-in Hybrid

#2 2016 SONATA Plug-in Hybrid Winner of Ward’s 10 Best Engine 2016

Although it was Hyundai’s first entry into the plug-in hybrid segment, Hyundai Motor, without doubt, made an impeccable accomplishment; the powertrain of the 2016 Sonata Plug-in Hybrid was name to the prestigious Ward’s 10 Best Engines 2016. Meet Sonata Plug-in Hybrid at McComb Hall during the NAIAS.
Right side-front view of dark gray The all-new Elantra

#3 2017 Elantra

The compact car with just about everything. The all-new 2017 Elantra, waiting for its actual launch in the U.S., is available for you to meet at the 2016 NAIAS. Find more about the upcoming Elantra.
Right side view of blue Veloster

#4 Concepts: VELOSTER Rally and TUCSON NFL

Two Hyundai concept cars adds extra fun at 2016 NAIAS. Veloster Rally, Veloster coupe coupled with significant design, dynamic and connectivity enhancement awaits those performance enthusiasts. The Tucson NFL celebrates Hyundai Motor’s official sponsorship of NFL (National Football League).
Lined up cars driving toward huge mountain in the middle of dessert with sandstorms

#5 A Message to Space

Hyundai Motor and Stephanie’s loving message out to space, ‘A Message to Space’, has once again won ‘The One Show Automobile Advertising of the Year’ award by The One Club and NAIAS. Watch the video for more.
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