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Two men standing next to black genesis from the front view exhibited at the 2016 Busan motorshow

2016 New York International Motorshow

Mar. 23 ~ Apr. 3, 2015 New York Jacob Javits Center, NY
The presenter standing in front of three IONIQ cars exhibited at the 2016 New York motorshow

Hyundai Motor at 2016 New York International
Motor Show

IONIQ, Hyundai Motor’s answer to future mobility, amazes North America after its sensational debut in Europe through Geneva International Motor Show. Hyundai Motor revealed the full line up of IONIQ which is Hyundai Motor’s eco-friendly platform. After an eye-catching press event that emphasized futuristic image of IONIQ, 16 cars including Tucson show car dazzled the audience. Hyundai Motor displayed Tucson show car as NFL’s official sponsor to commemorate a successful season.

Also, Hyundai Motor announced 2016 plan for ‘Hope on Wheels’ as part of our efforts to ensure a more sustainable future for all humankind. Hope on Wheels is Hyundai Motor’s CSR initiative to fight pediatric cancers in the U.S.

New York Jacob Javits Center Level 3
-Press Day: 2016. 03. 23 ~ 03. 24
-Public Day: 2016. 03. 25 ~ 04. 03
Unveiling of future mobility strategy and IONIQ's full line up in North America

Unveiling of future mobility
strategy and IONIQ's
full line up in North America

Unveiling of future mobility strategy and IONIQ's full line up in North America Hyundai Motor’s unprecedented presentation for ‘future mobility’ strategy was unconventional form the beginning. Following the video messages on fabric displays, David de Rothschild who is a British adventurer and environmentalist opened the unveiling event to clarify IONIQ’s differentiated vision. Hyundai Motor will enable customers to move freely and comfortably by providing innovative product and service.

The IONIQ eco-focused vehicle is the first in the world to offer three distinct powertrains –hybrid, electric, plug-in, on a single, dedicated vehicle platform. IONIQ was at the center of the attention with its delivery of an uncompromising design and dynamic performance coupled with fuel economy and enjoyable driving experience. The disruption of North American green car market has begun.
'Hyundai Hope On wheels'-'Helping kids Fight Cancer' on the banner

Beginning of ‘Hope on Wheels’ to fight pediatric cancer in 2016

Hope on Wheel’s 2016 operation plan was announced at 2016 New York International Auto Show. Hope on Wheel is Hyundai Motor’s commitment to fight pediatric cancer since 1998. Hyundai Motor funded New York Children’s Hospital and also awarded the Hyundai Quantum Grant winners. Hyundai Motor reaffirmed its conviction for fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities.
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