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i20 N Performance key visual

i20 N

Explore the performance of the new i20 N.

Rally car on the street.

The all-new i20 N is a direct successor of i20 WRC’s winning DNA, guaranteed to provide motorsport-derived racetrack capabilities in daily driving.
With its lightweight body of 1,190 kg and reinforced rigidity, this pocket rocket achieves powerful and agile movements.
It will transform even your backyard into your personal rally stage.


1.6T-GDi Gasoline

i20 N high performance
i20 N high performance

Flat power provides more torque and power at lower RPMs, meaning that even everyday driving situations profit from the engine’s potential.

Flat power provides more torque and power at lower RPMs, meaning that even everyday driving situations profit from the engine’s potential.

i20 N high performance

A high-performance engine for more thrills per km.

Powered by a 204 PS 1.6-litre turbocharged GDi engine that delivers and 275 Nm max. torque – you’ll love the instant feedback you get from its high responsiveness and impressive flat power for more torque and power at lower RPMs. This lets you utilize more of the engine’s potential
in everyday driving situations. The all-new i20 N is built to perform, going from 0-100 km/h in just 6.2 seconds with a top speed of 230 km/h.
i20N Turbocharged 1.6 GDi engine

Turbocharged 1.6 T-GDi engine.

Featuring an innovative turbo system, the engine is cooled with an intercooler and water circulation in the engine. Meanwhile, 350 bar high-pressure injection guarantees maximum engine responsiveness.
i20N 6 speed manual joystick

Six-speed manual transmission (6MT).

The six-speed manual transmission (6MT) is optimized specially for the all-new i20 N to handle higher RPM and torque.

N grin control.

  • i20 N normal mode

    Normal Mode.

    Dynamic yet calm engine performance with an engine sound for the city.
  • i20 N eco mode

    Eco Mode.

    Fuel-saving performance couple with high stability when cornering.
  • i20 N sport mode

    Sport Mode.

    Enhanced engine response with reduced Electronic Stability Control (ESC).
  • i20 N n mode

    N Mode.

    Fastest engine response for ultimate driving fun with a roaring exhaust sound.
  • i20 N custom mode

    N Custom Mode.

    Create your own drive mode by choosing your desired parameters from the "spider diagram" on the AVN screen.

i20 N Corner carving differential

N Corner Carving Differential.

The all-new i20 N can apply different torque to front wheels: turning them at different speeds improves cornering performance and reduces slippage.
Active variable exhaust system.

Active variable exhaust system.

Depending on your selected driving mode, the all-new i20 N's exhaust sound changes from a low rumble to a powerful roar.

i20 N Launch control

Launch Control.

Accelerate with control thanks to Launch Control: by preventing tire slippage, it ensures optimal traction when you perform a powerful start.
Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

Rely on the electronic stability control (ESC) feature to keep the i20 N steady while cornering. You can operate it in three modes: on, sport and fully off.

  • i20 N Car going uphill from back view

    Enhanced suspension.

    The refined suspension gives you better traction and shock absorption during sportier drives. It features reinforced front domes, a new knuckle geometry, as well as five wheel fixation points and an anti-roll bar.
  • i20 N High performance tire close-up photo

    High-performance brakes.

    Stop quickly when you need to: the brakes on the all-new i20 N come with an enlarged front disc that offers better fading resistance and a consistent brake pedal feel.
  • i20 N Dynamic cornering photo

    Direct and precise steering.

    Precisely take each turn and drive with confidence: with a reduced steering ratio of 12.0 and a purpose-tuned power steering system, you stay in control during each ride.

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