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Safety is non-negotiable


Safety is non-negotiable
Be safe with all the advanced protection in every facet of the car.
Electronic stability control (ESC), Vehicle stability management (VSM) and 7-airbag system... you name it, and it's there!
  • Electronic stability control (ESC)

    Electronic stability control (ESC) constantly monitors vehicle motion with on-board sensors to maintain stability and control.
    Should there be a possible risk of losing traction, it intervenes and stabilizes the vehicle by applying brakes on each wheel and reducing engine torque.

    ECS image
  • Vehicle stability management (VSM)

    Vehicle stability management (VSM) enhances directional stability by optimally controlling Motor driven power-steering (MDPS) and brakes on each wheel. In case of braking on a non-homogeneous surface, it works automatically to stabilize the vehicle and maintain the intended path. Meanwhile, the steering assist system operates to direct the car to a low-friction surface in order to prevent under- or over-steering.

    Steering assist system operates to the direction to low-friction surface in order to prevent under- or over-steering.
  • 7-airbag system

    We believe your safety is never a matter of negotiation. The 7–airbag system will surround every occupant in an event of a collision. A combination of front, side, and curtain airbags protects the front and rear passengers, while an optional driver seat’s knee airbag provides added safety for the driver.

    Driver seat’s knee airbag An optional driver seat’s knee airbag below the steering column offers extra protection to the driver’s legs in the event of a major frontal collision.
Skeleton of i30

Chassis rigidity

Highly refined and reinforced chassis minimizes body roll while providing exceptional sensation of cornering.
Power window detects a tennis ball stuck on the window

Power window with safety feature

Power window controls offer convenient one-touch up and down operation, plus an anti-pinching safety feature to prevent accidents or injuries.
Power window adjustment control buttons on the armrest

Power window adjustment controls

Ergonomically positioned for the driver, the panel outlined in fine chrome also includes adjustment controls for the windows and the outside mirrors.
Metal pedals

Metal pedals

A real motorsport feature, metal pedals are available for both manual and automatic transmissions.
Electric parking brake button

Electric parking brake (EPB)

The next generation Electric parking brake (EPB) secures the vehicle's position when it is parked.

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