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2003 NEOS-Ⅱ


Ever since humans first began to walk on two feet, we have striven to extend our range of activity. Finding a new method of roaming quickly and freely across the land has always been a momentous discovery. Prior to the invention of motorized vehicles, the horse played a vital role in fulfilling the human hunger for freedom of movement, enabling us to expand our horizons and our experience. Hyundai has developed a vehicle that reflects that image of the horse, to offer a new style of urban trekking: Imagine yourself in the depths of the night, roaming on horseback through the Babel of an undiscovered city. The NEOS-II is a modern-day steed that is most at home not on the open plains or the racetrack, but galloping through the dark city night


The fruits of the "urban horse-trekking" concept can be seen in the bold exterior styling, redolent of a leaping horse; in the compact body, once suited to the byways of the grasslands and now equally at home in narrow city streets; and in the interior, which focuses on the front seats to give the driver and passenger room to breathe freely. The NEOS-II is a vehicle for two grown-up urbanites who want to roam the city in style - a premier-class vehicle offering a driving experience that's something out of the ordinary. This new-concept vehicle embodies the crossover between the technical performance of a car and the physical pleasure of a horse to provide just a taste of Hyundai's future design direction.


Design / Other equipment

2003 neos-2 Exterior


The motif of the powerful horse creates an unmistakable presence not usually seen in this class of vehicle. The body reflects the compact strength of a leaping horse. The effortlessly muscular legs of a tall, handsome steed can be glimpsed in the front and rear fenders.
The powerful character line (J-line) running from the back of the front fender to the rise of the rear fender is a metaphor for the tightly coiled power seen in a horse's flank. With its large, crystal-clear eyes, the front end hints at the countenance of a wild horse.
2003 neos-2 Interior


An interior package based on the horse-trekking motif.
- Priority placed on the front seats, to offer a front space surpassing that of luxury cars.
- High hip point and eye point.
- The crossover between finely crafted fittings like the high quality seats reminiscent of saddlery and advanced technology such as LED illumination, large monitor and haptic commander interface creates a bewitching, futuristic interior.
2003 neos-2 Other equipment

Other equipment

- AFS (Adaptive Forward lighting Systems) alter headlight beams as the steering wheel is turned for better nighttime visibility.
- No B-pillar and a multi link rear sliding door mean the body opens wide for easy entry and exit.
- Large glass roof.
- Double rear hatch.
- Next-generation mobile phones can be used as intelligent keys and to control security systems.


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