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The all-new IONIQ 5 N keyvisual

The all-new IONIQ 5 N

Electrifying Driving Passion

Setting the new standard

Electrification is the next chapter of automobiles.
At Hyundai N, we seek to define electric driving fun.
By setting the new standard of high performance EVs, we move ahead.
Setting the new standard image

Discover and experience the IONIQ 5 N

BBC TopGear’s Car of the Year 2023

The Multi-Charging system

Electrifying excitement to a new level.

IONIQ 5 N is our first all-electric N model – and has been voted “Car of the Year 2023” by As Hyundai N’s first EV, IONIQ 5 N represents a thrilling new option for driving enthusiasts looking to electrify their passion on both road and track and as a pioneering technological blueprint for the Hyundai N’s EV future.


Discover IONIQ 5 N’s performance-enhancing design elements.
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