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Sports Chelsea FC stars Mason Mount and Erin Cuthbert go under disguise as car salespeople with Hyundai

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Chelsea FC stars Mason Mount and Erin Cuthbert go under disguise as car salespeople with Hyundai

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Chelsea FC stars Mason Mount and Erin Cuthbert go under disguise as car salespeople with Hyundai

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  • Chelsea Football Club’s official automotive partner, Hyundai, has today released a humorous piece of video content, filmed in February before the lockdown, featuring some of the star players from Chelsea’s senior Men’s and Women’s teams
  • Mason Mount and Erin Cuthbert went under full prosthetic disguise as car dealers guided by fellow teammates Fikayo Tomoro, Millie Bright, Kurt Zouma and Ji So-Yun
  • The video marks the reopening of Hyundai dealerships in England as part of the government’s coronavirus recovery plan, ahead of the Premier League resuming in mid-June

High Wycombe, 3rd June 2020  Through Hyundai’s official partnership with Chelsea, two players from Chelsea FC’s senior Men’s and Women’s squads, Mason Mount and Erin Cuthbert, were asked to swap their studs for the sales floor, as they went under full prosthetic disguise as Hyundai sales staff.

Expertly guided by fellow teammates Fikayo Tomoro and Kurt Zouma from the Men’s team, and Ji So-Yun and Millie Bright from the Women’s, the aim was simple – to convince as many ‘prospective customers’ as possible to register for a test drive in the Hyundai showroom… without being recognised.

However, what Mason and Erin did not know, is that the prank was actually on them and the ‘prospective customers’ were in fact trained actors. 

Both Mason and Erin, undercover as ‘Nick’ and ‘Shelia’, field technical and entertaining questions on the showroom floor, much to the amusement of their teammates watching from afar. They explain the difference between electric and hybrid Hyundai models, and discuss battery power as they try to successfully sell a car, whilst making a few blunders along the way.

The full video showing the Chelsea stars in action can be viewed and downloaded here, and a 60 second version here – the video was filmed in February 2020 before the lockdown imposed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ashley Andrew, Hyundai Motor UK’s Managing Director said: “We produced this humorous piece of content before lockdown to showcase our partnership with Chelsea, and we’re proud to have created something original that features both the men’s and women’s team. As fans are eagerly awaiting the return of live football, and with car dealerships in England reopening this week, we felt that now would be a good time to release so that supporters could catch up with their favourite Chelsea players – albeit in slightly different surroundings!

“You’ll have to watch and decide for yourself whether the players could cut it on the showroom floor… or if they should keep their feet firmly on the pitch!”

John Rogers, Chelsea Football Club Head of Global Partnerships, said: “Hyundai are always finding innovative ways to activate their partnership with us, and this content really is something fun and different. The playersloved filming on the day as it was very different to other shoots they had been on. It is great to see Hyundai creating content with both the men’s and the women’s team, offering something for all of our fans.” Hyundai and Chelsea FC have stayed active during the lockdown by launching Hyundai FC ‘Home Advantage’, a content series featuring Chelsea FC and Chelsea Women FC players to help budding footballers throughout the UK develop their skills during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Utilising the Chelsea FC partnership, Hyundai put the fans first and support fans with grassroots opportunities through Hyundai FC and exclusive content. 

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