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Business Digital Art Exhibition “World on a Wire” Opens at Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow

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Digital Art Exhibition “World on a Wire” Opens at Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow

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Digital Art Exhibition “World on a Wire” Opens at Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow

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  • Hyundai Motor and Rhizome of the New Museum will present the “World on a Wire” exhibition in Moscow from October 19 until December 12, 2021
  • The third and final event in the series, which follows exhibitions in Beijing and Seoul, will feature unique programming supported by the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow
  • “World on a Wire” will display innovative art incorporating technologies, created with applications of modern digital tools
  • Works by four artists from the United States and Russia – Mariia Fedorova, Tabor Robak, Rachel Rossin and Theo Triantafyllidis – will be featured in the exhibition
Digital Art Exhibition “World on a Wire” Opens at Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow

MOSCOW, October 19, 2021 – “World on a Wire,” organized by Rhizome’s Michael Connor, opens today at Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow. The exhibition is a collaboration between Hyundai Motor Company and Rhizome of the New Museum in New York, part of a partnership which began earlier this year, devoted to giving platform to new modes of born-digital artmaking. 

Founded in 1996 and affiliated with New York City’s iconic New Museum since 2003, Rhizome is a leading art organization dedicated to digital art and culture. Rhizome has played an integral role in the history, definition, and proliferation of art engaged with network technologies and in the exhibition of experimental and leading-edge digital art, which provides the foundation for synergy with Hyundai Motor given the automaker’s art and culture initiatives focused on supporting new, innovative artists and long-standing partnerships with global art institutions.   

The first exhibition by Hyundai and Rhizome debuted early this year at Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing and online on The Moscow edition of “World on a Wire” is the third and final event in the series, following Beijing and Seoul, and will bring new artistic elements not seen at the previous presentations.

Moreover, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art will be supporting the “World on a Wire” exhibition at Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow as part of its Garage Digital program, which brings together artists, scientists, programmers, and art historians with an aim to explore and support new languages of visual culture that are emerging under the influence of advanced technologies and new media on everyday life.

“World on a Wire” exhibition in Moscow: Works and artists

The exhibition will feature four unique installations. Artists from various countries have expressed themselves through a variety of digital mediums and explore the possibilities and poetics of simulation as artistic practice. Participating artists are Mariia Fedorova (Russia), Tabor Robak (USA), Rachel Rossin (USA), and Theo Triantafyllidis (USA).

Moscow-based Mariia Fedorova’s Pandemic Chronotope (2021) melds 3D animation, traditional Russian iconography, and early moving image technology to narrate an abstracted, population-level experience of COVID-19 pandemic. Tabor Robak’s Butterfly Room: Special Edition (2014/2021) immerses viewers in a vivid ecosystem of new biological forms created through generative animation. Rachel Rossin’s I’m My Loving Memory (2020/2021) comprises a set of plexiglass sculptures printed with visuals from popular video games, shaped to the artist’s body, and interacts with augmented reality. And Theo Triantafyllidis’s newly presented Seamless (2017) is a live 3D animated simulation of a world inhabited by wild animals and intelligent machines.  

Hyundai Motorstudio – A unique platform for interaction with the brand

Located across several countries, Hyundai Motorstudios are creative spaces embodying Hyundai Motor’s innovative vision of future mobility and lifestyle and offers various opportunities for interaction with its brand. Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow is first Hyundai Motorstudio outside of Korea and the first brand space by a foreign automaker established in Russia. It has become a platform for hosting impactful exhibitions and events addressing important topics in innovations and the arts. 

Apart from the new “World on a Wire” exhibition, another futuristic exhibition titled “Future Mobility” is ongoing at the gallery. It showcases advanced solutions by Hyundai Motor in the field of personal and public mobility as well as cutting-edge developments by the company in the sphere of hydrogen energy and sustainable technologies. Detailed information is available on website and Instagram page.

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