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Technology & Innovation Hyundai Launches Global Advocacy Program to Highlight Its Leading Role in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

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Hyundai Launches Global Advocacy Program to Highlight Its Leading Role in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

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Hyundai Launches Global Advocacy Program to Highlight Its Leading Role in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

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  • H2U (Hydrogen to You) campaign launches today, underlining Hyundai’s commitment to a sustainable mobility for all
  • Influencers and experts across various sectors will showcase the versatility of hydrogen as a sustainable emission-free energy source
Hyundai Launches Global Advocacy Program to Highlight Its Leading Role in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

SEOUL/BERLIN, September 10, 2020 – As part of its vision to facilitate ‘Progress for Humanity,’ Hyundai Motor Company today launches Hydrogen to You, or H2U campaign, which will raise awareness of its leadership in hydrogen fuel cell technology and its vital role in the emerging ecosystem of sustainable mobility, infrastructures and lifestyles.

H2U shines a spotlight on NEXO, the brand’s flagship hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) that produces zero emissions and purifies the air instead of polluting it. Working with Berlin-based H2U ambassadors, whose interests and talents span diverse aspects of everyday life, Hyundai takes them on a journey with NEXO and invites them to make hydrogen mobility personal.

The campaign challenges the ambassadors to reflect on the industries they work in and demonstrate how hydrogen fuel cell mobility fosters a sustainable lifestyle and positively impacts their everyday life, fostering a healthy environment and improving the economy and society for a better future.

This team of H2U ambassadors directly addresses consumers who have demanded new technologies and holistic solutions that do not require fossil fuels. Spanning music, fashion, science, photography and technology, these ambassadors include:

• World-renowned DJ Peggy Gou, who will provide a personal glimpse into her progressive lifestyle and take her followers on a journey with her NEXO into Berlin’s club scene
• Winner of Germany’s Next Top Model Toni Dreher-Adenuga, who connects green mobility, fashion and her sustainable lifestyle
• Scientist and YouTuber Jacob Beautemps, who deciphers the dynamics of hydrogen power and fuel-cell technology in simple, approachable terms
• Photographer Konrad Langer, who looks through the lens of a new urban vision, where clean hydrogen power plays a central role
• Renowned journalist Don Dahlmann, who will join Mobile Geeks co-founder Nicole Scott to investigate how the fusion of fuel cell and green hydrogen can dramatically transform mobility and infrastructures
• Tech influencer AlexiBexi, who broadcasts a day in the life of hydrogen mobility, testing the range and refueling of the NEXO
• Car-tuning expert JP Kraemer, who questions his definition of adrenaline-fueled performance: can progressive fuel cell eco-mobility change the mindset of a true petrol head? What will the future definition of performance be in the context of sustainable mobility?

The H2U ambassadors, consisting of lifestyle and technology-focused influencers, will underscore Hyundai’s leadership in intelligent innovation and forward-thinking sustainability.

“The H2U program is one expression of our company vision: Progress for Humanity,” said Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer at Hyundai Motor Company. “It is a platform to raise awareness of hydrogen technology’s role in helping to overcome the environmental challenges of our time.”

H2U demonstrates Hyundai’s pivotal role in global society’s transition to clean energy by helping make hydrogen an economically viable energy source. By building close relationships with leading mobility service providers and expanding its role beyond the automotive transportation sector, Hyundai strives to provide freedom of movement to everyone.

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