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Robotics Hyundai Motor Welcomes Public to Experience Future of Robotics and Metaverse at CES 2022

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Hyundai Motor Welcomes Public to Experience Future of Robotics and Metaverse at CES 2022

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Hyundai Motor Welcomes Public to Experience Future of Robotics and Metaverse at CES 2022

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  • Booth features Hyundai Motor’s future vision of creating synergies between robotics and virtual reality under main theme of ‘Expanding Human Reach’, from Jan. 5-7 
  • Diverse applications of the newly unveiled Plug & Drive (PnD) and Drive & Lift (DnL) module as well as Boston Dynamics’ Spot® and AtlasTM to be on display 
  • Robotics demonstrations and dance performance programs to happen at the exhibition booth, three times per day between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. (PST) 
Hyundai Motor Comopany booth at CES 2022 Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS/SEOUL, January 5, 2022 – Hyundai Motor Company welcomes the media and general public to experience its vision for robotics and the metaverse at its CES 2022 booth at Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall #5818, from Jan. 5-7.

At its CES 2022 presentation on Jan. 4, Hyundai Motor shared how the company’s robotics business will drive the paradigm shift towards future mobility, going beyond the traditional means of transportation to fulfill unlimited freedom of movement for mankind. Representatives of Boston Dynamics joined Hyundai Motor to share insights about pioneering new concepts of ‘Metamobility’ and ‘Mobility of Things’ (MoT) that were also revealed at the event. 

Under the main theme of ‘Expanding Human Reach’, Hyundai Motor will show CES 2022 visitors its future vision of how mobility in the real world can be advanced with robots, and also offer a glimpse of the future robotics society where robots will connect the virtual and real worlds.  

The company also is exhibiting its robot product lineup, including the various applications of the new Plug & Drive (PnD) and Drive & Lift (DnL) modular platforms unveiled at the event as well as the recently revealed Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED) and Boston Dynamics’ Spot® and AtlasTM. (For more information, see table 1 below.)

Utilizing four working models, there will be three 20-minute-long robotics demonstration programs happening at the booth, at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. (PST). Spot® will perform a dance program, demonstrating its range of dynamic movements, and three robot models using PnD modules and DnL eccentric wheel technology will demonstrate their own types of dynamic movements on the theme of mobility. (For more information, see table 2 below.)  

Table 1: Robotics on Display

Personal Mobility 
– PnD
Personal Mobility is an individualized public transportation based on the PnD module. It provides a comfortable experience to the destination while protecting personal privacy.   Also, it can provide private mobility with autonomous driving technology.1
1,330 (W) * 1,250 (D) * 1,885 (H)
(3D file based)
Driving time: 1h
Charging time: 2h
Logistics   Mobility 
– PnD
Logistics Mobility combines a commercial unit on top of a platform using four PnD modules. After long-distance movement being docked in a mother shuttle (large mobility), it can undock and move a short distance autonomously. It can execute an advanced   first-to-last-mile delivery of goods in collaboration with Spot.1
1,300 (W) * 1,100 (D) * 1,800 (H)
Door: 1,000 (W) * 400 (D) * 1,700 (H)
(3D file based)
Service Mobility 
– PnD
Service Mobility combines a butler-type unit on top of a platform that uses four PnD modules. It is a human-friendly mobility that plays the same role as a personal assistant by providing automated services, such as an information screen and   baggage delivery at points where services have not been previously provided.1
1,300 (W) * 1,100 (D) * 1,800 (H)
Door: 1,000 (W) * 400 (D) * 1,700 (H)
L7 – PnDL7 is a micro-mobility based on a platform that combines four large PnD modules. With   infinite wheel rotation, it can switch directions freely and drive even in a   restricted space. It can be used for various types of mobility platforms, not   only in transportation but also in logistics.1
1,400 (W) * 1,900 (D) * 700 (H) 
(3D file based)
Driving time: 1h
Charging time: 2h
MobED – DnLMobED (Mobile Eccentric Droid) is a mobile platform that combines four DnL modules. It can overcome the limitations of movement and enables stable driving on uneven surfaces, such as stairs. It can be combined with various modules and used as a micro-mobility to improve mobility for the elderly and the disabled.2
600 (W) * 880 (D) * 330 (H)
(3D file based)
Driving time: 1h
Charging time: 2h
MobED +screen – DnL MobED +screen also is a mobile platform that combines four DnL modules and a screen, allowing the device to become a mobile guide.1
600 (W) * 880 (D) * 1,320 (H)
Monitor: 720 (W) * 420 (H)
(3D file based)
Drive time: 1h, Charge time: 2h
Spot®Spot® is an agile quadruped robot that can be equipped with an arm and camera. It can   navigate with unrivaled mobility, allowing automated routine inspection tasks and data capture safely, accurately and frequently.3
Arm: 210 (W) * 680 (D) * 420 (H)
Body: 240 (W) * 860 (D) * 190   (H)
Legs: 430 (W) * 100 (D) * 540   (H)
Driving Time: 1.5 h
AtlasTMAtlasTM is a bipedal humanoid robot with an advanced control system and state-of-the-art hardware that give it the power/balance to demonstrate human-level agility.11.5 meters high, weighs   80 kg, can move at 1.5 meters per second, and can lift a load of about 11 kg

Table 2: Robotic Demonstrations – daily at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. (PST) (20 min)

Spot®Dance performance shows range of dynamic movements, highlighting wide usability in challenging industrial areas.
Personal   Mobility – PnDDemonstration shows holonomic movement and the potential of a PnD module’s unrestricted maneuverability in crowded   environments.
L7   – PnDDemonstration shows micro mobility’s usefulness in narrow spaces, travelling in all directions and horizontally.
MobED   – DnLDemonstration shows eccentric wheel technology’s stable driving performance in environments where barriers exist.

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