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White color Creta is placed in front of a building with white color


Iconic design with refined and modern look


Left side front view of white Creta

Like auto royalty, Creta commands authority

Smoothly creased hood lines and a voluminous bumper make a dramatic first impression.
Next gen imposing Triple slat hexagonal chrome grille, reminiscent of an aircraft, not only looks regal, but allows for dynamic driving.
  • Right side front view of white Creta


    The contrast of the sturdy sculpture at the bottom with the Three Slat Chrome grille reflects the Creta's confidence and Charisma.
  • Right projector headlamp

    Projector headlamps

    Bi- functional Projector headlamps with finely integrated LED Positioning Lamps gives dynamism to the front looks.
  • Three Slat Chrome Grille

    Three Slat Chrome Grille

    The radiator grille makes a statement that is bold, forthright and uniquely Hyundai. Hexagonal and three-slat chrome, it adds a touch of glamour while blending with the bodywork.
  • Right vertical front fog lamp

    Vertical Front fog lamps

    Unique & Newly designed and located below the bumper, the front fog lamps help you see better in bad weather while looking good, too

  • Side view of silver Creta


    It's all in the lines. The strong, main character line is made complete with a graceful and sophisticated side character line.
  • Right side outside mirror

    Stylish Outside Mirror

    Finely sculpted aerodynamic outside mirrors are integrated with LED side Indicators with chrome surround.
  • Closer view of chrome door handle

    Chrome Door Handles

    The chrome door handles in the Creta enhance the SUV's premium appeal.
  • Two alloy wheels

    Alloy Wheels

    A variety of wheel ensures the driving experience you want. High-performance R16 Clean silver alloys and wider R17 Diamond cut alloy wheels accentuate the Creta's stability and sporty look.

  • Side rear view of silver Creta


    "High-tech" and "progressive" best describe the rear design, which includes Split-type tail lamps full of character and a sporty bumper.
  • Shark fin antenna

    Shark Fin Antenna

    Shark Fin Antenna is a segment unique feature which along with integrated rear spoiler makes the rear sporty and exciting
  • Sleek and premium Split-type tail lamp

    Sleek and premium Split-type tail lamps

    Split-type rear combination lamps create a simple yet modern rear image. Excellent visibility from that angle reduces the possibility of a rear-end collision.
  • Rear skid plates

    Front and Rear Skid plates

    Sporty and silver colored Skid plates adds a sense of ruggedness and sporty character to the front and rear both.

Door scuff plates

Door scuff plates

Door scuff plates added to the front and rear door sill for sporty appeal and to protect the sill area during entry & exit of passengers.
rear defogger and wiper

Rear Defogger and Wiper/Washer

While the defogger cleans the mist on the rear glass during inclement weather conditions, the rear wiper and washer keeps the rear glass clean for enhanced visibility.


Full view of interior from side viewpoint

A sporty, high-tech experience, inside and out

Who comes first when it comes to the driver’s-seat design? The driver, of course. Everything about the cabin, from its roominess to flowing plane, was made to provide you with the utmost comfort and convenience.
Luxurious interior
Feel embraced by the fluid and delicate interior space, which comes in dual tone color schemes.
Luxurious details and design make for a premium image.
Seat color
  • Black
  • creta interior front seat
  • creta interior rear seat

Power start button

Push Button Start

Push button start brings added convenience with engine start / stop with just a push of a button.

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