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KONA N keyvisual


Yes, It's N.

Regardless of car type,
even if it’s an SUV.

The KONA N can carve corners,
provide an agile response,
and is always ready for the track.
All of these without compromising
the versatility of an SUV.
Finally, a performance car the whole family can enjoy.
The KONA N is not your ordinary SUV.
It’s a True Hot SUV. It’s N.
Regardless of car type


The integrated dynamic driving spirit

The KONA N delivers performance that complements its distinctive sporty design.
The dynamic driving spirit coherently flows
from the engine to the exterior for a sporty look
and aerodynamic performance.
The integrated dynamic driving spirit


Upper grille with a dedicated
mesh incorporates both the N logo and
the tinted chrome Hyundai emblem.


Large double-wing roof spoiler for
enhanced downforce, enabling a more stable ride at
high speed for an SUV body type.


At the lower edge of the bumper,
the N exclusive red accent skirts around the lower body.
The 19-inch light weighted forged wheels at
all four corners create powerful visual aggression.
front rear side

Emotional driving excitement

The interior conveys an emotional excitement
when driving.
N specific details such as the steering wheel, performance-blue color accents, shift knob,
sports seats, and metal pedals set the tone.
Emotional driving excitement

Game-like driving experience

The new 10-inch infotainment
and digital cluster system with digitalized elements provides a driving experience
as though playing a game.
The new ‘N mode design’ delivers information
such as lap time and N track map,
while the N buttons can be customized
to toggle frequently used drive modes.
With an exclusive racing HUD that features
four driver-optimized information,
you can focus solely on the road.
Game-like  driving experience


Smart Shift Integrated Power

The KONA N is powered by a 2.0L turbocharged
GDI engine with 8-speed wet DCT The N DCT offers
three exclusive high-performance functions:
N Power Shift (NPS), N Grin Shift (NGS) and
N Track Sense Shift (NTS), all of which maximize
exhilarating driving pleasure.
The powertrain delivers maximum power of 280ps, which potentially reaches up to 290ps
with the N Grin Shift,
and maximum torque of 40 kgf·m.
The engine offers a flat power that prolongs
maximum power at high RPM and enhances acceleration for even more fun,
be it on the road or racetrack.
Smart Shift Integrated Power
power 280ps
max torque 40kgf.m
100km/h 5.5 seconds

E-LSD for dynamic cornering and refined traction control

For the KONA N, E-LSD (Electronically-controlled Limited Slip Differentials) does not only provide that corner-carving feeling.
It is specifically turned to give it enough traction so you can drive at ease an any road condition.
E-LSD for dynamic cornering

Going beyond the limit of an SUV

For an SUV to endure extreme driving conditions, having a strong body structure is crucial.
The KONA N’s body structure has been reinforced with added body welding points and a modified strut ring structure to meet this expectation.
Simultaneously, forged wheels and aluminum lightweight knuckles complete the ideal geometry that of a performance SUV.
Going beyond the limit of an SUV

High-performance brake

When attacking corners,
you want to brake as late as possible.
With the KONA N,
you can take braking to the limit
it’s equipped with enhanced
pre-fill braking logic,
making you more confident on the road.
The brake pads’ high friction material
along with bigger front
and rear discs help maximize heat endurance.
Plus, it’s got lower arm guides
to enhance cooling in every situation.
High-performance brake


Dynamic passive safety system

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) ensures safe and convenient daily drive at all times.
Mainly SCC is applied to the N model for the first time.
You name it.
Dynamic passive safety system

N Track Map

The N Track Map pinpoints your exact location for navigation purposes when driving on tracks,
based on the database of worldwide tracks stored in the AVN. Moreover, it automatically calculates your lab time.
N track map

Traction control with deep snow mode

With traction control that includes a deep snow mode exclusive to the KONA N, drive at ease in all situations, even on terrain, snow, and mud.
Traction control with deep snow mode


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