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Whatever the journey, time seems to fly by when you have a reliable travel companions along for the ride like TUCSON’s 10.25-in infotainment system and the premium speakers from Bose. The touchscreen is easy to operate and synchs effortlessly with your smartphone to provide you some entertainment and information you need while on the road.
Your digital journey starts here
Tucson 10dot25-inch color TFT-LCD cluster

10.25-inch color TFT-LCD cluster

Tucson 4.2-inch color TFT-LCD cluster

4.2-inch color TFT-LCD cluster

Tucson 10 dot 25 inch smart navigation

10.25-inch Smart Navigation

Tucson 8 inch display audio

8-inch display audio

Tucson 3dot8 inch standard audio system

3.8-inch Standard audio system

Tucson Full auto air conditioning system

Full auto air conditioning system

Tucson Manual air conditioning system

Manual air conditioning system

Bluetooth multi-connection

Multi Air Mode

At the press of a button, the air blows gently from a number of different outlets providing
a level of comfort and control that is not available in other vehicles.
Tucson Multi Air Mode Wind intensity direction

Multi Air Mode Wind intensity direction

Tucson Multi-air mode button

Multi Air Mode button

Tucson integrated memory system (IMS)

Integrated memory system(IMS)

Tucson Ventilated front seats

Ventilated front seats

Tucson Heated 2nd row seat

Heated 2nd row seat

Tucson Wireless smart phone charging

Wireless smart phone charging

High speed wireless smartphone charging incorporates a cooling function to prevent your device from overheating, thus improving convenience and safety.
Tucson Speed-linked rain-sensing wipers

Speed-linked rain-sensing wipers

Operation of the rain sensing wipers is now synchronized with the vehicle speed to offer an extra margin of safety and convenience.
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