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The new TUCSON key visual

The new TUCSON

Overtake the ordinary

The new TUCSON signals the start of a new day, and a new way of driving.
Rejecting the ordinary, the new TUCSON pushes the boundaries of the segment to reinvent everything.
Outside, the new TUCSON is designed to impress while inside, you’ll discover a level of
roominess, comfort and versatility that exceeds all expectations.
tucson nx4 2023 three pillars

Design that’s thrilling and timeless.

With its 3D parametric-style grille and jewel-like surfaces, the new TUCSON is for
trendsetters with a taste for futuristic design.
Adopting a daring new design language we call Sensuous Sportiness and created with
cutting-edge digital design tools, the new TUCSON stands out.
tucson nx4 2023 sunset

The new TUCSON poised to set new record.

Based on innovative design and delivering value above and beyond its class,
The all-new TUCSON sets the standard for SUVs and is poised to set new sales records.
tucson nx4 2023 orange model

Reason to believe.

Most competitive in its class with innovative sporty SUV style, interior space
equal to mid-sized vehicles, new advanced safe and convenient specifications.
tucson nx4 2023 orange optimized
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