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Plug-in Hybrid

Introducing the all-new TUCSON
Plug-in Hybrid

The all-new TUCSON’s plug-in hybrid system delivers maximum fuel efficiency and some dynamic driving thrills at the same time. It is based on the potent combination of the Smartstream G1.6 T-GDi engine paired with the 66.9kW electric motor, powered by a 13.8 kWh battery.
Introducing the all-new TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid
Introducing the all-new TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid

Smartstream 1.6 T PHEV

A maximum power of 265ps at 5,500rpm & a maximum torque of 350Nm
smartstream 1.6 t  phev powertrain
265 ps
Max. Torque
350 Nm
smartstream 1.6 t  phev powertrain
Tucson phev smart navigation

10.25-inch Smart Navigation

(Plug-in Hybrid mode)

Tucson phev digital cluster

10.25-inch Digital Cluster

(Plug-in Hybrid mode)

Plug-in Hybrid energy flow

Depending on the driving situation, the all-new TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid switches seamlessly between the gasoline engine and electric motor.
Tucson phv energy flow Start/Low-speed

EV mode

When starting or driving at low-speed, the electric motor will move the vehicle.

Tucson phv energy flow Acceleration/climbing

Engine + Motor

During acceleration or climbing, the electric motor and gasoline engine work simultaneously to produce the extra power.
(* Motor-only operation until 70~80kph)

Tucson phv energy flow Cruising

Engine + Motor

While cruising, either the electric motor or the gasoline engine supports driving whichever is the most energy-efficient in that situation.

Tucson phv energy flow Deceleration


During deceleration, the regenerative braking system charges the battery by using the electric motor to slow the car.

Tucson phv energy flow Stop

Engine stop

When stopped or waiting at traffic lights, both the electric motor and the gasoline engine stop.

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