A new vision for a sustainable future.

At IAA Mobility 2021, we will share the next phase of our vision for mobility and the future of our company. We will extend our zero-emission commitment to all sectors of mobility, including plans to achieve carbon neutrality.

Find Hyundai and IONIQ 5 in at IAA 2021 Hall 1, Booth 134905.

Find us at IAA Mobility 2021.

We are excited to share our progressive new direction at Hall 1, Booth 134905. Join us!


Mobility means more than cars.

While building one of the widest ranges of electrified powertrains on the market, we have transitioned to become a smart mobility solution provider. Our significant investments in the future of mobility, including battery electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and sustainability are already becoming reality. Come see for yourself at IAA Mobility 2021.

A pregnant woman pictured by an alpine lake holding her baby bump.

Carbon Neutrality 2045.

Hyundai is in progress to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.

Close up of a Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell Electric Car being fueled with hydrogen.


Join us in building a society with our growing fleet of hydrogen-powered cars and trucks.

Hyundai's family of electrified cars parked in front of a cityscape.


Meet the widest range of electrified vehicles in Europe, from full hybrids, to battery electric vehicles and even Hydrogen Fuel-Cell cars.

Boston dynamics Spot and Atlas, facing a Hyundai NEXO.


At Hyundai we develop technology for humans – in cars, in wearable robotics, and Elevate, our walking car.

New Mobility.

Our innovative transport solutions such as Urban Air Mobility and autonomous driving technology seek to vitalise our cities.


Learn about our collaboration with Healthy Seas and how we utilise innovative, sustainable materials in our vehicles.

Join us

Hall 1. Booth 134905.

At IAA 2021, we will share the next phase of our company vision, one that will extend its zero-emission outlook to all sectors of mobility, including plans to enable carbon neutrality. Make sure you have all you need to get around and find us in Munich.

Test drive your next Hyundai.

Drive and experience our zero emission vehicles during IAA Mobility 2021 with the Blue Lane, a twelve-kilometer-long transfer and test track reserved for electric, hybrid and hydrogen-powered vehicles.