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ART + TECHNOLOGY - Works of art that work for people

ART + TECHNOLOGY - Works of art that work for people

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The ART + TECHNOLOGY series explores how artists are using technology in their art piece and creating a new genre. The series is back for a third season, touching on themes ranging from biorisk and equality, to artificial intelligence and politics.


Technology is everywhere—in our pockets, in garages, and in homes. Yet, most of us don't know how it is changing the way we experience and interact with each other. Created in partnership with Bloomberg Media, the series reflects Hyundai Motor Company's commitment to understanding art and how art and technology come together to make our lives better.

The series sets out to highlight these big questions confronted at the intersection of ART + TECHNOLOGY, and ultimately discusses how technology will shape our future in these times.


Each month, a new question is explored and multiple artists and technologies come together to bring a well-rounded on these issues, igniting discussions that will entice viewers regardless of region or generation.

The series leads audiences to explore undiscovered potentials of the convergence of art and technology and it can open up new possibilities for the future. Hyundai believes art will continuously expand and deepen our perspectives on the world, helping to understand the many layers of our society.


Harnessing technology in a way that benefits people
reflects Hyundai's vision—Progress for Humanity.

It seems counterintuitive, but we believe we can use technology to enhance art and help humanity. And in turn, art can make technology more engaging and accessible with its human-centric perspectives.

ART + TECHNOLOGY streams globally for free.
Watch Season 3 here.


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