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A female ZEPETO avatar poses in front of a red Hyundai Pony in a showroom-like atmosphere.

Hyundai × ZEPETO:
Team up with Pony for a retro adventure through Seoul

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Are you ready to experience Hyundai's heritage embodied in the metaverse? Well, the wait is finally over because we are excited to announce that a new virtual world featuring Pony will be waiting for you. We proudly present this fun-filled space in collaboration with the pioneering metaverse platform ZEPETO and pay tribute to Pony – the first Korean car model.

Hyundai in ZEPETO

Since launching the Sonata N line in ZEPETO in 2021, we have continued to showcase models in cooperation with ZEPETO, such as the IONIQ 6. With this latest adventure, we are expanding our global reach to connect, interact, and incite the Gen-Z while inviting them to experience the essence of our brand. we opened a new world called ‘Timeless Seoul’ that revives our brand heritage with immersive experience.

A female avatar poses in front of a retro garage with an iconic red Hyundai PONY in the background.

Discovering Timeless Seoul

It all started with the debut of ‘Pony’, which has been hailed as the industry’s quintessential car; a car that remains beloved almost half a century after its initial launch, a car that continues to embody Hyundai Motor Company's heritage.

This profound connection led us to adopt our theme as 'PONY, the timeless' exhibition, which seeks to revive and celebrate the time when Pony was first introduced. By reigniting nostalgia for an era woven into Hyundai Motor Company's legacy, we carry its unique spirit into the on- and offline world and the metaverse.

On a virtual stage, a female avatar stands between an iconic Hyundai Pony and the IONIQ 5.

So, what does this all look like? First, Timeless Seoul transports us back to 1975, the 'kick-off' year when Pony made its debut.

Within the ZEPETO world, players can experience the nostalgic charm of the 70s and 80s Seoul while exploring stationery shops and moving to the beat of vinyl records in 'Retro Seoul street,' where the 'pony' is playing on a vintage LP.

Take part and complete quests to earn coins, upgrade your Pony at the 'Pony garage', and go on a historical journey from Pony to IONIQ 5 at the 'Heritage hall.'

And as a grand finale, look forward to an adrenaline-fueled joyride in your custom-built Pony on our retro and rocking 'Street circuit.'

A female ZEPETO avatar is in a vintage LP record store listening to music.

A photoshoot with my avatar

If you thought Timeless Seoul could not get any more exciting, then step into our Photo- and Video Booths. Both experiences were designed to enhance the use of ZEPETO's avatars. In the 'Standing next to PONY' Photo Booth, users can assume the roles of influencers attending a new Pony model release event. Meanwhile, the retro 'PONY on the Street' Photo Booth showcases Seoul's enchanting heritage through a dazzling and welcoming night scene.

But what will really get your heart racing is the Video Booth, which we call ‘Ride on PONY'. Enjoy the spectacular experience of speeding across a vinyl LP with music flowing into you. And in our retro 'PONY Arcade' concept world, you can enjoy thrilling rides with Pony and dash off into a sunset.

In an illuminated street, a female avatar kneels and poses for a photoshoot in nighttime Seoul.
A female and male avatar experience a fantastic ride with a Hyundai Pony in the ZEPETO metaverse.

Perfect Pony items for you

Users can also dress up with retro digital items and experience heritage-inspired collection. For avatar rooms, we also developed special newtro room items to accessorize the day. Visit the boutique shop at Retro Seoul street and try on the items and take selfies.

We are very excited about this new adventure debut in ZEPETO. Aside from offering hours of fun and discovery, it firmly builds upon our Heritage Project while expressing our core values. Moreover, it serves as an interactive and future-ready communications platform in tune with a global youth audience.

Two female avatars surrounded by retro fashion accessories thinking about what to choose, on top of a headline “Timeless Seoul in ZEPETO”.

Destination: Timeless Seoul

Ready to explore Timeless Seoul, filled with Pony’s captivating stories? Follow @hyundai on Instagram for exclusive updates and sneak peeks at our immersive experience with ZEPETO. Or, in the meantime, watch our exciting YouTube video to get a glimpse of what awaits.


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