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A shot of the Na Oh restaurant from outside.

Na Oh Restaurant – Korean tradition crafted with creativity

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Exquisite culinary creations are not the first things that come to mind when you hear the words “car manufacturer.” But at Na Oh, the newly opened restaurant within the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS), you can experience a unique yet approachable Korean culinary experience.

A restaurant like no other

Na Oh, which means “moving from inside out” in Korean, delivers a unique dining experience that combines traditional Korean cuisine with contemporary interpretations.

Here, you can enjoy a new culinary experience honoring Korean traditions honed over time and inspired by nature’s cycles, which bring energy afresh with every season.

A table inside the Na Oh restaurant.

Connectivity with HMGICS

Whereas HMGICS elevates innovation through robotics and advanced technology, Na Oh offers a visceral experience of the same innovation, but through craftsmanship and nature. The integration of Na Oh at HMGICS underlines our commitment to breaking out of conventional attributes given to automotive manufacturers and to progressing in new directions. For us, it’s all about innovation and the creation of truly unique experiences. If the moment is unforgettable, it doesn’t matter if it happened while behind the wheel or seated at a dining table. What counts is the enjoyment, fascination, and fun.

A fully automated machine harvests the in-house grown herbs and vegetables.
A shot of the Na Oh interior with a view of the city.

Partnering up with Chef Corey Lee to connect food with innovation

In collaboration with Chef Corey Lee, the first Korean chef to earn Three Michelin Stars for his restaurant Benu, Na Oh marks Chef Corey Lee’s first project in Southeast Asia, bringing a new approach to the city’s culinary scene. Chef Corey Lee’s work pays homage to traditional methods and Korean craftsmanship, while striving to foster its evolution.

As a culinary and cultural fixture within Hyundai’s first global innovation hub, guests at Na Oh can look forward to viewing cutting-edge automation and robotic technology tend a two-story vertical smart farm that harvests up to nine different crops daily. The direct connection between food and innovation makes dining at Na Oh a unique blend of technology, forward-thinking practices, and Korea’s culinary heritage.

Chef Corey Lee standing in his restaurant with its clean and minimalistic décor.

1. Taste of Time

Dishes at Na Oh all incorporate ancient preparations such as fermentation and preservation and highlight seasonal ingredients, harmonizing the past and present. Meanwhile, our openness in applying modern techniques to our food is a look to the future.

A glass cabinet displaying traditional kimchi fermenting jars.
A cook mixes ingredients into a paste in a small bowl.

2. Taste of Contemporary Korea

Because food and culture go hand in hand, Na Oh also provides cultural insights through its curation and collaboration with Korean artists and craftsmen. The overall space is a collaboration with diverse Korean artisans who are skilled in traditional handcrafts and time-honored aesthetics. Traditional Korean materials and modern themes infuse the furniture, tableware, sound, and lighting, resulting in a unique contemporary dining environment.

Traditional earthenware bowls in close-up
The inside of the Na OH with an illuminated city skyline in the background.
Servers walk through the Na Oh carrying plates.

3. Taste of the Seasons

Na Oh offers a 4-course prix fixe seasonal menu inspired by traditional Korean dishes, reimagined for the modern palate. Guests also choose from a selection of jinjitsang, a traditional Korean meal setting that includes a variety of accompaniments. The use of seasonal ingredients and crops grown in HMGICS’s vertical smart farm creates a special seed-to-table experience that is the first of its kind. The first summer menu will include signature dishes such as Mulhwe (seafood in an icy kimchi broth), Naengmyun (cold beef noodles), and Samgyetang (ginseng-flavored stuffed chicken) in a homemade broth.

An overhead view of a meal at the Na Oh with its typical minimalistic serving style.

As part of the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center, Na Oh restaurant reflects our commitment to excellence, innovation, and creating unique experiences.

We look forward to welcoming everyone hungry for innovation and a new kind of dining experience. For reservations, please see Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore.

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