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Naoh restaurant

Naoh restaurant

Na Oh Restaurant

Na Oh Restaurant

Na Oh Restaurant

Na Oh Restaurant

Na Oh Restaurant

Na Oh, which means ‘moving from inside out’ in pure Korean, is a restaurant where we share Korean culture and further extend the HMGICS customer experience beyond a conventional automotive production facility.

We aim to provide an approachable culinary experience that represents our heritage and is relatable to diners in Singapore. With each season and nature’s cycles, we interpret traditional cuisine into a contemporary menu in this place where many of Korea’s master artisans have collaborated to bring to life.

In partnership with
Chef Corey Lee

Corey Lee

Na Oh is led by the culinary vision of Chef Corey Lee, the pioneering San Francisco-based chef who was the first Korean to earn Three Michelin Stars for his restaurant Benu. Na Oh marks Corey’s very first project in Southeast Asia, adding an exciting dimension to the city’s rich culinary offerings.

Under his guidance, Na Oh was conceived with the mission to offer a high quality yet accessible Korean dining experience. Drawing inspiration from Korean traditions, Na Oh’s culinary team delivers authentic cuisine calibrated for the modern palate.

Korea’s beloved seasonal dishes

Na Oh offers a 4-course prix fixe seasonal menu, with guests having the option to choose the jinjitsang - a Korean meal setting served with a variety of accompaniments.

Na Oh’s dishes are meticulously crafted using ingredients grown in HMGICS’s own vertical Smart Farm, creating a unique and immersive seed-to-table experience.

Traditional preparations, such as fermentation and preservation, are integrated with modern techniques using a variety of seasonal ingredients full of natural energy.

Pyongyang-Style Cold Noodles

Buckwheat and Mugunji Jeon

Golden Queen Rice and Butterfish Gamasot


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