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The Big Picture in Small Details

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Sometimes it’s the smallest things which make the biggest difference. Here at Hyundai, our eye for detail and design extends to the smallest details. Join us as we look at the human innovations we’re building for the next generation.

For Hyundai, progress is not just about blindly moving forward. We believe that progress only becomes meaningful when it is combined with a deep sense of humanity. This informs Hyundai’s philosophy today too and can be seen in everything from our wider vision down to the smallest details.

Design with a
human touch

Ever since our earliest days, we have prided ourselves in meticulously developing new technologies powered by and for humans. Propelled by our vision, Progress for Humanity, we’ve constantly pushed the boundaries and explored uncharted territories to capture the imagination of our customers and deliver exceptional driving and mobility experiences.

Our goal is to design cars that are safer, smarter and that exceed expectations in every way. We do this by embedding human touches to the design process. The result is intuitive solutions that can be truly felt. Here are some of Hyundai’s latest car and mobility solutions which are helping people around the world to connect, travel, and enjoy life’s most beautiful moments to the fullest.

woman nexo

Hidden lighting

Now and again, familiar objects change radically in terms of what they look like and how they’re made. Just think of the computer and how it’s shrunk in size over the years. Right now, we’re witnessing a similar transformation in car headlights as a cluster of technological advances means that our car headlights are changing almost beyond recognition.

Instead of traditional lamp-style lights powered by light bulbs, The all-new TUCSON is the latest Hyundai model to feature our ‘Hidden Headlamp.’ This sophisticated headlamp design consists of various patterns that are applied to the inner lens. These patterns accentuate the crystal aesthetic, and, when turned on, the hidden headlamp shines like a jewel, thanks to its stunning diffused reflection of light.


The first creation to apply the hidden lighting technology to the headlamps was the eighth-generation SONATA. It’s called hidden lighting because these signature DRLs (daytime running lights) are integrated seamlessly into the jewel-like grille and are only revealed when turned on.

These high-tech, smart headlamps not only improve safety but also express the identity of our cars. You’ll be able to find this new hidden lighting technology in more of our cars in the future.

man in the car

Sink into sustainable luxury furnishings

Another guiding light for our car design, both for the present and the future, is sustainability. Not only have we brought our hydrogen-powered NEXO and all-electric IONIQ line-up to the world, our commitment to sustainability can be felt in the luxury interiors of our cars too.

IONIQ is Hyundai’s first dedicated electric line-up, and it is redefining what sustainable mobility looks and feels like. The interior of the IONIQ 5, uses fabric made from recycled PET bottles, real wool, and bio paint in colors that are inspired by nature.


Every touch surface in the NEXO is also made of UL certified biomaterials, from the bamboo-based headliner, plastics, trim, soft skin, and floor mats.

Another human-powered innovation on the NEXO is the auto flush door handles. Not only do these handles give the car a clean look, but they also delight drivers by presenting themselves when you approach the car. You can operate them to open and close the car and they will automatically retract once you start driving faster than 3 km/h. It’s all about the little things!

We’ve also used sustainable and recycled materials in our Brand Collection. Whether you’re an avid camper, a picnic lover, or an explorer of the great outdoors, there are several items in the Hyundai Collection which have been designed for you. The sustainably made trip cart, picnic mat, warm/cold food bag and fun Padminton game can all be taken on the road and enjoyed just when you need them.

Creating more space

With the development of electric and hydrogen-fueled cars came the chance to reimagine the interior of our cars. Without the large gasoline-powered engines, we could think of new ways for our customers to use the inner space within their cars.

One example is the interior design of the IONIQ 5, which redefines the car as much more than a method of getting from A to B. The new design makes the car into a place where we can spend time and relax. The innovative universal island, or sliding console, allows drivers and passengers to not only enjoy more flexibility, but also freely enter and exit the cabin on either side when parked in a narrow spot.

woman ioniq 5
man ioniq 5

Second-row passengers also can enjoy center console features, such as cup holders, a 15 W fast wireless smartphone charger and USB ports. The universal Island truly redefines the center console, offering much more functionality than a static storage box.

It’s not just the IONIQ 5 that’s been designed to be roomy. The TUCSON also features our so-called InterSpace interior. The instrument cluster has been lowered down and the gauge cluster housing has been removed to declutter the surface giving the new TUCSON a clean and spacious cabin with tech-laden features.


Thanks to the rise of last-mile mobility solutions, we’ve designed an E-Scooter that’s capable of up to 20km range. The Personal Electric Scooter fits neatly into compartments within our vehicles and is wirelessly charged via the vehicle, so that you can simply park, unfold and ride.


Weighing around 7.7kg, the scooter is highly portable, while its unique and compact tri-folding design means it is lighter and more compact than any similar product. Enhancing its usability further, it features a digital display that shows battery status and speed; while, for night-time riding, the new scooter is equipped with two stylishly curved front LED headlights, and two rear tail lamps.

In fact, our E-Scooter won the Personal category in this year’s KAIST Future Mobility of the Year Awards - a recognition of our contribution to an eco-friendly future.


Our solutions extend well beyond our cars into the human concept of mobility. In our quest to provide mobility solutions for all, we’ve created an exoskeleton called the H-MEX (Hyundai Medical EXoskeleton), which helps elderly people and those with lower spinal cord injuries to walk again.

By using a wireless clutch with an on-board motion control system, the H-MEX gives paraplegics the ability to sit, stand, move, turn, and even walk up or down stairs. The user can also adjust their walking pace, length of stride and torso tilting angle via a smartphone app!


Check out our full range of cars and mobility services today and follow Hyundai’s Instagram(@hyundai) to find out more about our commitment to human-oriented design.


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