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bts earthday

The earth needs us -
now more than ever.

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As the world faces a common threat, we begin to come to an agreement on the most important parts of life. We may be distanced physically, yet a collective consciousness emerges. We awake looking forward to opening our windows and welcoming the scent of the cherry blossoms. We let the rays shine through as we follow our favorite yoga teacher’s morning sun salutations on Instagram.
We end the day with a video chat happy hour with our three best friends.
It is becoming clear that our connections to our planet and to one another are at the core of our being - the necessary ingredients for humanity and progress.
In addition to connections to each other and to the Earth, we are finding joy in the connections to the most beautiful parts of our cultures. Music, theater, dance and art provide welcome distractions, as well as visions for how life should look and how far we have come.

Artists with a message.

BTS is one of those groups of artists that comes along once in a lifetime - a cultural apex. Not only do they provide beautiful music and stunning visuals, they inspire others to create their own art, something especially valuable during these times. This ripple effect is the same made by a stone in a pond. It allows for culture to grow and progress to be made exponentially.

hyundai X bts presents

Hyundai x BTS: Presents for the Earth

BTS is inspired by the beauty of nature, and they have teamed up with Hyundai to create some gifts for the Earth - at a time when we need them most. On April 22, in celebration of Earth Day, Hyundai and BTS will release the second in their series of films for our planet as part of our Global Hydrogen Campaign; the first was released on February 21. The film will be released worldwide via YouTube channels and will highlight the connection of each member to our natural world.

TV Commercial Program/Country

CNN EU (4/22~4/28) : Germany, France, Russia, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and others
CNN LATAM (4/22~4/28) : Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru and others
BBC APAC (4/22~4/23) : Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and others
tvN Asia (4/22~4/28) : Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia
MBC/KBS/SBS & tvN Korea (4/22~5/10)

‘We hope these words
will always stay with us’

The film finds beauty in the simplicity of the message: we must work together and with our planet to create a better future, a better tomorrow. The group uses a combination of language and strong visuals to convey their connections to nature. While they announced their individual messages in February’s video, this one will use one voice to tell the story.
And ultimately progress will be made. The solution will be found in clean, hydrogen energy.

the positive energy for a better tomorrow’

This is where Hyundai comes in. If we are to progress as humans and be as mobile as ever, clean fuel solutions must be implemented. And Hyundai is committed to utilizing the cleanest energy in future mobility solutions. Hydrogen energy is at the core of sustainability, and Hyundai Motor Corp has already taken the lead in hydrogen technology with the introduction of NEXO. The only emission from hydrogen energy is water - an element from which BTS finds endless inspiration.

hydrogen technology

What can we do for Earth?
The ripple effect:
we challenge you!

Hyundai x BTS are united in their message - but how can you help?
Earth Day is April 22, and it’s a perfect time to connect with the planet more deeply. And you can start by simply turning off the light.
On April 22, we challenge you to show your solidarity in the fight against climate change and excessive greenhouse emissions.

‘How can we join
the movement for Earth?’

The #DarkSelfieChallenge: On Earth Day, keep your lights OFF.
When it gets dark, take a selfie using only the flashlight from your phone camera.
Use the hashtag #DarkSelfieChallenge and tag Hyundai Lifestyle(
And you can submit anytime between April 13 and May 4, so start early!

earth day

Now is the time
Against COVID19

Hyundai also participated in a global movement against to the pandemic of COVID19.
We may be distanced physically from one another, but it is our chance to make a difference that matters. Humanity must progress, so that the world we re-enter is one that we can be proud of.
One that we can love.

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