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Side-front view of silver Accent passing by cross patterned wall building
  • Right side front view of red Accent

    A looker that looks into the future

    Charming Accents set this vehicle apart: distinct fog lamps blended into the body, a bold radiator grille in chrome, curvy headlamps and a hood with character lines and volume that exude strength.
  • Closer view of right headlamp light on

    Headlamps with LED positioning lamps

    Providing optimum brightness at night, a two-piece bezel design adds a touch of luxury during the daytime, especially with the added LED positioning lamps.
  • Closer view of radiator grille

    Radiator grille

    Accent’s radiator grille adds a premium touch for its front and improved exclusiveness by installing the traditionally clean and refined style of the headlamps and rear combination lamps.
  • Closer view of front fog lamp

    Front fog lamps

    As well as giving you extra visibility in foggy weather, all of the fog lamps are stylish and continuously-designed body shells.

  • Side view of red Accent

    Always ready, ever sporty

    The Accent gives off a casual coupe vibe with a sweeping roof, cab-forward design and low lines on the body.
  • Closer view of outside mirror repeater

    Outside mirror repeaters

    Stylish, modern touch, lamps in the outside mirrors provide extra visibility and safety when turning.

  • Right side rear view of red Accent

    Small in form, huge in effect even from the back

    You get a touch of modernity from all angles. A smooth surface, a bumper with rear reflectors and
    wrap-around rear lamps make for a luxurious and harmonious look.
  • Closer view of rear combination lamp

    Rear combination lamps

    Forming a harmonious part of the rear and sides, wrap-around rear lamps deliver highly visible illumination. In addition, bezel shape changed and provides clear light.
  • Closer view of roof antenna

    Roof antenna

    Accent’s antenna shape changed for its style improvement which doesn’t get in the way in the car wash.

Closer view of body-colored outside handle in red color

Body-colored outside handles

The outside door handles are color-coordinated with the body work for a refined, uninterrupted look.
Aero blade wipers on the windshield

Aero blade wipers

The aero blade wipers provide enhanced visibility and pedestrian safety in case of a collision.
High-mounted stop lamp

High-mounted stop lamp (HMSL)

A High-mounted stop lamp (HMSL), located in the eye line of driver traveling behind, alerts them when you brake and helps ensure they keep their distance.


City view from front passenger's seat through the driver's door on a clear day
Meant for you, in every way
Take a seat in a metallic-hued and ergonomically pleasing space that’s easy on the eyes and practical.
The doors continue the organic sweep, and sporty, redesigned grip handles top it all off.
Seat color
  • Beige
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Fabric GL
  • Fabric GLS
  • Leather option
  • Fabric GL
  • Fabric GLS
  • Leather option
  • Fabric GL
  • Fabric GLS
  • Leather option
  • Seat materials
Interior design

Customers can choose from three interior finishes - beige 2-tone, gray 2-tone and black 1-tone, each with a choice of cloth finish.
Having more dignity and refinedness for its interior due to the change from high gloss
to half gloss of internal plating and the patterns of seat covering.

  • accent interior front seat
  • accent interior rear seat

Sunglasses stored in the overhead console

Overhead console

Accent keeps your sunglasses just where you need them - in a convenient holder within easy reach.
Sun visor with mirror

Sun visor

The sun visor is designed using a knit-embossed fabric for a luxurious feel and incorporating a pocket-type ticket holder for convenience.
Floor console

Floor console

The floor console armrest cover moves about 60 mm forward to enhance your comfort.

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