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Reinforced safety
Strong body structure, six airbags and the Anti-locking Brake System with Electronic Stability Control means you will be well-prepared in case the worst should happen.
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

    It helps control your vehicle when necessary. The system applies braking power automatically to individual wheels to counter oversteer or understeer. Engine power is also adjusted until control is regained.

    Electronic Stability Control (ESC) image
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

    Visual alert gives you a warning whenever tire pressure drops below normal. Helps maximize fuel economy and prevents small problems from growing into big problems.

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) image
  • Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)

    Stopping and starting on very steep road can be stressful and potentially dangerous. HAC prevents the car from accidentally rolling backward whenever the brake pedal is released on a hill.

    Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) image
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

    To prevent the wheels from locking up during an emergency stop, ABS enables drivers to retain steering control and to maintain directional stability by automatically pumping the brakes when a sudden brake is detected.

    Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) image
  • ESC
  • TPMS
  • HAC
  • ABS
  • END
Rearview camera

Rearview camera

This simple system erases all doubt about who or what is behind you when backing up. Graphic overlay serves as a parking aid to help avoid scrapes and scratches.
Safety windows

Safety windows

On detecting an object blocking the path of the closing window, the safety window feature will automatically stop the window and reverse the closing action.
6-airbag system

6-airbag system

6-airbags provide all-round protection. One each for the driver and front-seat passenger, two curtain airbags running the length of the cabin, plus two side curtain airbags.
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