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Hyundai Motor Company mainly organizes its CSR activities into the six central themes of its campaigns “ Dream Move” , “ Next Move”, “Easy Move”, “Safe Move”, “Green Move” and “Happy Move” that capture and reflect the company’s business philisophy in the contributions it makes to the society at large.

Easy Move

Easy Move opens up a world full of freedom by establishing a social enterprise, expanding mobility facilities, and providing vehicle support for social welfare facilities, to ensure no one has to suffer from limited mobility.

1. Supporting the Easy Move Inc.

Hyundai has established and supports the operation of Easy Move Inc., Korea's first social enterprise in the mobility aids sector.

In 2016, the company made a full-scale entry into the welfare vehicle market and its competitive pricing and stellar product quality helped secure orders for 50 vehicles. For its accomplishments, Easy Move was given a Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy Award at the fourth 'Most Loved Companies' award.

2. Enhancing Mobility for People with Disabilities

Hyundai has helped the disabled become more self-reliant by upgrading facilities at institutes dedicated to their support since 2006.

We support the installation of facilities such as automatic doors, handrails, ramps, anti-slip rolls, height adjustable countertops and braille blocks, the construction of interior rubber block, and the repair of external walls and disabled bathrooms at welfare institutes. 1,088 institutes have been benefited from this project by 2016.

3. Cha-Car-Cha-Car Playground

In 2015, HMC opened "Chakachaka Playground", which is 2,045m2 in size, at Seoul National Park for children with visual impairments.

In 2016, a total of 5,793 children visited Hyundai's Cha-Car-Cha-Car Playground and experienced a variety of new automobile technologies.

The children drove small-scale Sonatas equipped with such safety features developed in connection with Hyundai's self-driving technologies as automatic collision avoidance, emergency braking and resumption.

Since the sensors installed on the vehicles tract and process spatial information and send audio/tactile signals to the drivers, the children were able to experience the wonder and joy of driving safely even under poor visibility. These future drivers all received a personalized driver's license as a memento of their memorable experiences.

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