The SVan Project | HME x TUM.

Going beyond the realm of automotive. Hyundai Motor Europe has cooperated with the Technical University of Munich in pursuit of a more sustainable future.

Daniel Duecker performing different tests on the SVan.


The SVan Mission.

As humankind faces an increasing number of environmental challenges, we are turning to technology as a solution for a more sustainable future. Created by the ingenious minds at the Technical University of Munich and supported by Hyundai, the SVan stands as a cutting-edge environmental robotics initiative with the potential to revolutionize the preservation of the world's most invaluable ecosystems.
  1. TUM experts loading one of the SVan robots into the vehicle.


    Short for ‘Synchronous Team-Robot Van’, the SVan offers a diverse toolbox of specialised robots programmed to assist in protecting the environment.

  2. Anna Adamczyk adjusting a robot in the SVan.


    This project will empower experts, as well as individuals without prior robotics experience, to engage actively in conservation work.

  3. One of the many SVan robots.

    Environmental protection.

    By democratising environmental robotics, the partnership is making high-tech environmental protection more accessible.


    HME x TUM.

    Hyundai Motor Europe and the Technical University of Munich have been working together to bring technological innovations to the field of environmental protection. Utilizing Hyundai's versatile STARIA vehicle as its foundation, the Technical University of Munich has ingeniously transformed it into SVan, a central hub for controlling and charging a diverse range of environmental robotics systems. Hyundai Motor has been carrying out various environment-focused CSV activities with a commitment to foster a sustainable future, creating shared value. This cooperation has the potential to reshape the way we approach conservation, as it aligns with Hyundai's vision ‘Progress for Humanity’.


    A Closer Look into SVan.

    In a three-part documentary series Innovation for Nature, Hyundai Motor Europe dives into the world of environmental robotics, answering the question of its importance in building a sustainable future. The series covers the evolution of the SVan project, the application of these robots in the field, and the future of these innovations.

    Episode 1.

    The first episode of Innovation for Nature shows how Hyundai Motor Europe and the Technical University of Munich came together to develop the SVan project.

    Episode 2.

    The second episode of Innovation for Nature showcases the deployment of the SVan and its specialized robots in the wild, illustrating their prowess in environmental data collection and ecosystem restoration.

    Episode 3.

    In the final episode of Innovation for Nature, experts explore how robotics, including the SVan project, are revolutionizing environmental protection and mobility for a sustainable future.

    Behind the Scenes.

    What happened behind the camera? Check out some behind-the-scenes impressions of the SVan project.
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