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Hyundai Motor Company mainly organizes its CSR activities into the six central themes of its campaigns “ Dream Move” , “ Next Move”, “Easy Move”, “Safe Move”, “Green Move” and “Happy Move” that capture and reflect the company’s business philisophy in the contributions it makes to the society at large.

Green Move

Green Move is committed to leaving a sustainable environment for future generations, and is engaged in various activities for nature, including projects in response to climate change, and projects to preserve the environment.

1. Hyundai Green Zone China

Hyundai launched the second phase of ‘Hyundai Green Zone China’, which is an ecological restoration project carried out in China.

Our plan is to create 40 million square meters of grassland populated by local native flora in Zhenglan Qi for five years until 2018.

As of 2016, a total of 927 people from the Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers, volunteer groups of college students in China, and employees of Hyundai and BHMC as well as their family members have visited the Hyundai Green Zone to participate in volunteer activities for desertification prevention, and created 13 million square meters of grasslands which accounts for 33% of the total project area. Local residents are hired which contributes to the economic self-reliance of the local community.

2. Dream Park-IONIQ Forest

In cooperation with SL Corp., Hyundai built a ‘Dream Park-IONIQ Forest’ in a landfill site in Incheon, with donations collected from the IONIQ Longest Run campaign.

On the 191,000 km collectively run by some 14,000 IONIQ Longest Runners was launched the first Dream Park-IONIQ Forest in December 2016. We plan to plant approximately 30,000?40,000 more trees over the next five years.

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