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Hyundai Motor Company mainly organizes its CSR activities into the six central themes of its campaigns “ Dream Move” , “ Next Move”, “Easy Move”, “Safe Move”, “Green Move” and “Happy Move” that capture and reflect the company’s business philisophy in the contributions it makes to the society at large.

Happy Move

Happy Move is creating happier lives by carrying out various volunteer activities with employees, families, and students to create a world where everyone lives together in harmony.

1. Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers

Hyundai’s Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers to train young leaders and to contribute to the international community was established in July 2008. Every year, approximately 1,000 college students are selected, and cumulative total of 8,500 young people have participated in the Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers.

In 2016, the 16th class of the volunteers (Jan.-Feb.) and the 17th class (July-Aug.) visited China, India, Vietnam, Laos, and Indonesia. While staying in those country for about a month, each class taught local children traffic safety and engineering, helped preserve world cultural heritage sites, built up mangrove forests in shoreline areas, and built houses and educational institutions in impoverished areas.

2. H-self Sharing Planner

Hyundai introduced the ‘H-Self Sharing Planner’ in 2016 to enable staff to plan their volunteer activities.

This was devised to satisfy demands for volunteer activities that go beyond visiting specific partner organizations over a defined period, and enabled staff to engage more in volunteer activities.

196 creative volunteering activities were planned by staff in 2016, including installing heating films for seniors who live alone, offering music concerts and musical instrument education for children at community child centers, and touring around the Ulsan Plant with foreign employee. The company provided consulting and funding for these activities.

3. Employee Volunteer Groups

There are a total 134 employee volunteer groups across Hyundai’s business sites. They have established ties with 168 social welfare facilities across the nation, and conduct volunteer work on a regular basis.

Around 9,000 employees participated in volunteer activities in 2016. Volunteer activities on the Group level were also carried out on national holidays and at the end of the year to share moments of happiness with the marginalized at our sisterhood organizations. In addition, as part of our efforts to contribute to urban-rural coexistence and to resolve the labor shortage issue in rural communities, Hyundai has established ties with 70 rural villages located near our business sites, and help them by lending a hand during the busy farming seasons in spring and autumn.

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