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Hyundai Motor Company mainly organizes its CSR activities into the six central themes of its campaigns “ Dream Move” , “ Next Move”, “Easy Move”, “Safe Move”, “Green Move” and “Happy Move” that capture and reflect the company’s business philisophy in the contributions it makes to the society at large.

Next Move

Next Move hosts social responsibility projects that maximize the strengths, and capacity, of Hyundai Motor Company to ensure a more sustainable form of social contribution and, ultimately, give back to the community.

1. Hyundai - KOICA Dream Center

‘Looking for Three-Leafed Clovers’ provides children who have lost their parents to traffic accidents with mentoring support and opportunities to explore career options and develop the option of their choice into their dream career.

Started in 2005 with material donations, this program in 2013 shifted its focus to career mentoring by undergraduates. Over the past 11 years, the program has helped about 1,460 children. Since 2015 when it doubled in size, the program has grown to offer 80 children a one-on-one tutoring, on a monthly basis, by 80 mentors on study courses related to their dream career.

While funding the education opportunities of the children’s choice, the program in 2016 formed ties with various business leaders and thus enabled the children to experience working in the diverse worksites of businesses related to their career goal.

2. Sponsoring sleds for the Korean National Bobsled team

In October 2016, after a year of production, Hyundai Motor Company produced a bobsleigh for the Korean national bobsleigh team to use at the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games.

The new bobsleigh for the Olympic Games, which is expected to bolster the competitive capacity of the Korean national team, features a more flexible shell and chassis for smoother cornering. Also, the team anticipates better final lap times thanks to improved speed achieved through a new design that minimizes drag.

Hyundai Motor Company signed an agreement with the Korean national bobsleigh team back in 2014 and has been using advanced technology from automobile manufacturing in its bobsleigh development at its Namyang R&D Center. Moving forward, Hyundai Motor Company plans to continue its sponsorship of relatively unique sports.

3. Supporting Archery

We have stood at the side of Korean archery since 1985, providing financial and technological support based on our own advanced technologies, enabling athletes to demonstrate their skills using the best possible equipment, and in optimal conditions.

Our Technology Research Institute has worked in partnership with the Korea Archery Association, and for the 2016 Olympics, we focused this joint technological development on four areas - the non-destructive testing of bows, customized grips, arrow categorization equipment, and brainwave Measurement.

We do not restrict ourselves to regular sports marketing - instead, we leverage our resources and expertise as an automotive company to fulfill our social responsibilities more widely.

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