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United Way Campaign

- Four week program in cooperation with the ‘United Ways of Alabama’, a local charity organization, to raise funds for philanthropic institutions chosen by our employees
- 2016 Performance: Raised funds totaling USD 302,000

Spina Bifida Walk-N-Roll

- Host a one-mile walkathon and an educational exhibition to publicize the rare disease Spina Bifida and raise funds for the Spina Bifida Association
- 2016 Performance: Raised funds totaling USD 25,000

Hyundai Hope on Wheels

- Designed to support children with cancer and is co-sponsored by HMA and our dealers in the U.S.
- Tour around the nation between March and October to host events and provide research fund for childhood Cancer
- 2016 Performance: Donated USD 13 million in 2016 alone, and a cumulative total of USD 115 million

Hyundai ST Math Labs

- Create classrooms at kindergarten and elementary levels to help outstanding pupils get extra education in science, technology, engineering and math
- 2016 Performance: Donated USD 2 million to 45 schools, participated by a cumulative total of 19,500 students

Coats for Kids

- Designed to donate new winter clothes to low-income families, and two cities are chosen every year as Beneficiaries
- 2016 Performance: Donated approximately 2,000 coats to people in Detroit and PennsylvaniaEmployee Volunteering- Employees either make direct

donations or engage in volunteer activities in their spare time

- Food donations, environmental clean-ups for parks on Earth Day, participation in the ‘Read Across America’ event, donation to the armed forces, wetland protection activities, participation in the Career Day events, serving as a judge for science fairs, participation in the Habitat for Humanity, blood donations, and the celebration of cultural heritage.


Free Dental Clinic on Wheels

- Convert trailers into mobile clinics for dental care. Treat an average of 20-25 patients per day, and refer children with severe conditions to dental specialists
- 2016 Performance: Provided dental care to 9,368 patients

Hyundai Soccer Program for Youth

- Enable children to experience their local cultural heritage
- Assist children in visiting stadiums and enjoying football with professional players
- 2016 Performance: Participated by 2,591 children

National Week of Transport

- Share the importance of traffic safety and responsibility across the company during the ‘National Week of Transport’
- 2016 Performance: Participated by 65 employees

Support for the Play ‘Monica and Cebolinha’

- Sponsor the production of the play, which adapts ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for family viewing as well as its performance
- 2016 Performance: Performed a total of 25 times, and attended by approximately 26,000 people


Environmental Improvement and Child Education Support in Valparaiso

- A program operated in collaboration with Good Neighbors in order to address the environmental pollution issues caused by waste as well as educational inequality issues
- Operate recycling trucks and environmental educational centers for children
- Plan to operate visiting educational programs and promote recycling in 2017
- 2016 Performance: Recycling trucks are under pilot operation for 27 schools, 57 schools confirmed their participation, and donated the profits generated through recycling campaign to school development funds


Assist an underdeveloped mountain village (Tilina) in breeding livestock and commercializing local specialties in order to improve their quality of life

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