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2000 HCD-5




Multi-purpose Sedan (combination SUV, sports car, station wagon and minivan) The HCD-5 was developed by the Hyundai California Design Studio as a 4-seat multi-purpose sedan with an emphasis on station wagon and SUV functions. Powered by a 2.7-liter V6 engine, this crossover car combines the advantages of an SUV and a sedan, and exudes both a retro and sporty feel. 

There is no B pillar, so the doors open wide to the left and right for easy entry and egress. The A and C pillars are also made as slender as possible so that the driver's view is left unobstructed. The interior is divided into three spaces. The driver's space features mobile office functions with online access. The back seat is fashioned for ease and comfort, while the roomy rear space is for carrying leisure items