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2000 NEOS


The sophisticated NEOS (for "New Evolution Open Sports car") concept car made its debut at the 2000 Paris Mondial de l'Automobile. Work on this classic two-seater, led by the HMC Japan Technology Research Center, was begun in 1998 and took 28 months to complete. It comes equipped with Hyundai's new 2.0-liter, 250 hp DOHC beta engine and a 6-speed continuous semi-automatic transmission. The design is aimed squarely at providing a sensational sports car driving experience.

The body is made mostly of aluminum, carbon fiber, and plastic, and the unconventional modeling leaves some of the parts exposed, unprotected by the body. The ultra-light, highly functional design concept has received great response from viewers. The gull-wing doors, which open skyward, are locked and unlocked by an electronic card key. The card key is also used to start the ignition. Such advanced technology in step with the digital age is another standout feature of the NEOS.


2000 NEOS
- Overall length : 3,827 mm
- Overall height : 1,026 mm
- Overall width : 1,840 mm
- Wheelbase : 2,530 mm
- Front overhang : 652 mm
- Rear overhang : 645 mm
- Engine : New Hyundai DOHC 1,995 cc, 250 hp, and 8,200 rpm
- Maximum torque : 25.5 kg·fm / 7,000 rpm
- Transmission : 6-speed continuous semi-automatic