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2001 Clix


At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2001, Hyundai Motor Company presented a revolutionary concept of a Compact For-Wheel-Drive 2 + 2 Sports Coupe.
Called Clix, it was the world premiere of a design study performed by the European Design Center of Hyundai Motor Company in Frankfurt. At first sight, the Clix looks like a traditional Sports Coupe. But don't be deceived. The Clix is a genuine "Crossover", a car that combines functionality and flexibility. It is a Sports Coupe, combining dynamic handling capabilities and faultless road holding with a mixture of Pick-Up and Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) characteristics.





With the Clix, Hyundai's European designers have created a new type of vehicle: the Fun Activity Vehicle of FAV. Adapting the golden rule of car design: "Form Follows Function", the designers have developed a formula that suits the Clix very well: "Fun Follows Function." At the 1998 Geneva Motor Show the Euro I was the very first design study from the Hyundai European Design Center, that gave a preview of how Hyundai would conceive its future design tailed to Europe. The appearance of the Clix is a further step in the development of a unique brand identity for Hyundai in Europe. The Clix drivers its surprising and unique four characteristics in one concept from a transparent roof made up of four separate panels. A high-tech opening mechanism powered by six months achieves the rapid transformation fro a Coupe, to a Targe, then to a cabriolet and finally to a Pickup, with the roof panels being stored under the rear seats. With a length of less than four meters (3,959 mm), only 1,300 mm high and 1,738 mm wide, this prototype was given a solid wheelbase of 2,450 mm to ensure good stability at high speed. A direct-injected, four cylinder 2.2-liter petrol engine powers the Clix, delivering a maximum output of 300 hp. Via permanent four-wheel drive, 19-inch alloy wheels, and a sequential six-speed transmission the substantial power output is efficiently transferred to the road surface. With the design of this prototype, Hyundai had its eyes on a young generation of dynamic thirty something's who like to identity with the vehicle they move around in. The belong to a hard working generation who have little opportunity during the week to enjoy their cherished hobbies or to practice the sports they love. Because of the demands of their jobs, they often only experience these pleasures at the weekends. Thanks to the Hyundai Clix, with its unlimited pickup and leisure alternatives they can make full use of their free time as active weekend sportsmen and women.



Electric folding rear seats 

Just like the high-tech opening and closing mechanism of the transparent roof, the interior of the Clix has been designed with a high degree of technological innovation. The rear seat folds down to create a high but flat loading surface as soon as the Clix is transformed into a pickup.
The high, horizontally hinged boot lid opens at the top. Hinging the boot lid at the bottom naturally benefits the functionally of the pickup, since it can be used as an extension of the loading platform.


Cameras instead of rear-view mirrors 

The Hyundai Clixhas no rear-view mirrors to spoil the favorable aerodynamic properties. Instead there are foldaway cameras on the left and right of the car, where the mirrors would be located. A third camera is discreetly mounted low down at the back as well. These three eagle eyes offer the driver an unobstructed view of what is happening behind the vehicle. The driver only has to glance at the ergonomically positioned screens located on the instrument panel.


Wind guides under the light clusters 

Under the high, harmonized headlamp clusters at the front there is a very discreet air slot. The air that passes through the slots cools the headlights at the back an also provides extra cooling air to the front brake disks. In addition, the air stream under the headlights is designed to produce extra down force at high speeds. Wind guiding air slots are also provided under the rear lamp clusters.


Spacious interior feel 

The infinitely adjustable, slim sporting bucket seats at the front are reinforced with aluminum armatures. In design terms, the aluminum structures blend perfectly with the futuristic style of the Clix interior. One feature of the sleek bucket seats is that the air from the front of the passenger compartment can pass through the seats to the rear passenger compartment. Metal hard mesh inserts in the central console heighten the effect of space. The interior cladding and seats are mainly of quality leather. The seats have soft mesh inserts, which provide comfortable ventilation. The steering wheel is covered with leather and aluminum inlays for a touch of extra dynamic prestige.


Clearly laid-out instruments 

The driver gets the most important information from a three-zone instrument panel. On the left and right are two-layer screens that display the images from the rear-view cameras and the information from the on-board computer and the navigation system on demand. The analogue speedometer and tachometer are positioned in the middle. The slim central console carries the six control buttons for the transparent, high-tech sliding roof and the side stick controlling heating/ventilation, air-conditioning, sound system, on-board computer etc..