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2007 i-Blue


The i-Blue is a sophisticated and futuristic crossover concept sports tourer with the driving comfort of a sedan with all of the utility functions of a minivan. As its name suggests, the i-Blue has a next generation environmental-friendly fuel cell system.

But, it also is equipped with a state of the art human machine interface information system presenting a glimpse into the future of automobiles. Unlike its predecessors, which were built on SUV platforms, the i-Blue features a new D segment 2 + 2 Cross-over Utility Vehicle (CUV) body type. This marks a step ahead on the path to develop mass-production models, as the fuel cell system is more difficult to integrate in a smaller body type.


The i-Blue is powered by 100 kW and fuel cell stack. Fueled with compressed hydrogen (700 bar) stored in a 115 liter tank, i-Blue is capable of running more than 600 km per refueling and achieves a maximum speed of 165 km/h. The i-Blue's fuel cell stack is housed underfloor, not in the engine compartment as in the second generation Tucson FCEV. This endows the car with an ideal 50 : 50 weight distribution for optimal driving and handling dynamics. Furthermore, by moving the fuel stack underfloor, the engine compartment is less densely populated providing better air flow and cooling.

The i-Blue drives almost noiselessly and passionate drivers will be delighted by the acceleration of the i-Blue's powerplant. Like its predecessors,i-Blue's only emission is water vapor, fueling Hyundai's unwavering dedication to FCEV technology as available, environmentally friendly alternative to the internal combustion engine.


The i-Blue FCEV has a dynamic and elegant exterior design, resembling TaeKuk, which is based on the philosophy of Ying and Yang. In this philosophy, opposite forces are unified in perfect balance and create something new.
The i-Blue's body was styled by unifying two distinct geometric forms, the square and the circle, thereby creating a rhombus-like shape.