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The Focus the HED-5, 'k-Mode', is a combination of visionary styling with future technologies and advanced eco-dynamics. It lead to a 6-seater monocab study that incorporates high-tech materials, a world premiere seating concept and state of the art communication solutions into a completely new vehicle impression. The i-Mode is an innovatively styled, eco-friendly and socially adaptive vehicle. The imposing mono-volume architecture provides an invitation to travel, explore and relax within the concept of a moving cocoon.

Advanced Hybrid Technology

The Extension of a Digital home through the advanced multimedia and entertainment concept developed by LG electronics, the vehicle becomes an extension of the digital home, allowing passengers to stay connected, communicate and interact in the car and beyond. Access to the web, video games, movies or video calling are all possible through the pop-down touch-screen displays and webcams, located within the overhead console. A wireless network enables a selection of cable-free keyboards, game controllers and headphones to further personalize the entertainment experience. The advanced developments seen on the i-Mode give a dynamic indication of real possibilities for the near future.






The sculptural profile is mainly characterized by the wedged body side in combination with a generous, rounded rear, giving the impression of a bow under tension. The vehicle portrays a clever combination of convex and concave surfaces directly inspired from nature. These forms have enabled a powerful, dynamic stance to be achieved devoid of aggressive sentiment. The choice of color and level of finish provides a rich, warm radiance, with an open and almost translucent appearance. Nature is one of the key influences for the Hyundai design team and new plastic materials have enabled exploration of unconventional and irregular shapes.
The fundamental architecture of the exterior shape is symbolized by an external frame embracing the protected volume within, like a shell. This concept also demonstrates the increasing awareness Hyundai has towards environmental issues. Cooperation with Bayer Material Science has seen use of the innovative glazing alternative 'Makrolon'. enabling the car to have extended transparent areas, reducing weight and increasing fuel economy.


Through the innovative door opening machanism, the interior is exposed as an inviting landscape of softly sculpted shapes and advanced technology in the form of a lounge compartment. The interior represents the concept of an encapsulated social space, an intimate environment where all occupants can enjoy safe travel in comfort, surrounded by sophisticated technology and luxurious materials.

Innovative Panoramic Roof
The Santa Fe blue Hybrid features an innovative three-piece panorama sunroof. The moveable glass top has UV filtration which reduces thermal loading without restricting light transparency. And to protect cabin occupants against solar radiation, an adjustable shade can be operated separately from the glass top. The modular system solution was developed Magna Car Top System.